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January, 1 1970

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Sreshtha Chatterjee

Sreshtha is a writer, chef, mother and generally awkward with public speaking. An English Literature graduate from St. Xavier’s College, you will invariably find her in the quietest corner of the room - with a book, a blanket, and an XL hot chocolate. Reading, daydreaming or nitpicking on someone’s grammar. She has spent the last decade being a journalist, copywriter, travel researcher, content marketer; and worked in organisations like The Times of India, Ogilvy & Mather and National Geographic Traveller before she ended up in Darwinbox. She’s particularly passionate about HR practices, psychology and human behaviour in general, and that’s what drives her at Darwinbox. Ruskin Bond, Sylvia Plath, and Neil Gaiman are among her favourite writers. When she’s not at her desk or chasing after her son, she loves watching football, dreaming of keeping dogs, cooking Bengali delicacies and raising plants.

Talent Management COVID-19

[Webinar Highlights] Head-to-Head with COVID-19: Building Resilience To Fight Adversity
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / May 7, 2020
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The Unlock Down: CHRO's COVID Exit Strategy Kit
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / April 30, 2020
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Darwinbox Becomes The First-Ever HR Tech Platform To Integrate With WhatsApp For Business.
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / April 21, 2020
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HR Transformation On Raising a World Class Brand & An Organisation Without an HR!
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / April 16, 2020
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Performance Management COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19 on Performance Appraisals
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / April 9, 2020
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Performance Management

10 Hacks To Drive a Successful Performance Management Strategy For Your Gig Workforce
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / February 24, 2020
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Performance Management

Evaluating SaaS Performance Management Solutions: An Enterprise Checklist
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / February 19, 2020
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Performance Management

The Evolution of Performance Management System
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / January 21, 2020
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Employee Experience

Crafting a Workplace That Enhances Employee Experience With Technology
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / December 19, 2019
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Rewards & Recognition

A Guide To Designing The Perfect Employee Rewards Program
By Sreshtha Chatterjee / November 20, 2019
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