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    Beyond Vanilla: Why Your HCM Platform Needs the Flavor of Extensibility

    February 16, 2024

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    Beyond Vanilla: Why Your HCM Platform Needs the Flavor of Extensibility

    Evolving businesses and workforces demand agile HR platforms. Find out why you need to ditch legacy HRIS and embrace cloud-based extensible platforms that can adapt to your unique and ever evolving needs. 

    Imagine this: You are days away from a massive product launch, needing hundreds of new customer service reps onboard – fast. But your HR tech, anchored in the past, throws up roadblocks. Legacy systems like HRIS simply can't adapt to today's volatile business landscape. Acquiring a whole new platform? Time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with security concerns. Data silos, high development costs, potential breakdowns, user adoption – the list goes on. 

    This is the harsh reality for many organizations clinging to outdated HR tech. In a world where businesses evolve at breakneck speed, the HR department, the "command center" of change management, can't afford to be bogged down. The solution? Extensible HCM platforms! 

    Why Your Next HCM Needs Extensibility

    First, let us understand extensibility in the context of HCMs. Consider your HCM platform as a giant Lego set for building your dream HR department. You've got the basic bricks for hiring, onboarding, and performance management, but what if you need an extensive background verification or employee health insurance integration for new hires? Extensibility means tech isn't rigid, it can grow and change with your needs, making it more flexible and future-proof. 

    Think of it like Lego's Technic sets, where you can add specialized gears, motors, and sensors to bring your creation to life. With an extensible HCM platform, you can add these "Lego add-ons" in ways including: 

    • Customizable features: Like building your own mini-robots (code) with unique bricks, you can create custom features tailored to your unique company processes. 
    • Third-party integrations: Connect your HCM platform to external "Lego sets" (other software) like payroll or learning management systems, expanding its reach and functionality. 

    In today's dynamic business landscape where HR needs evolve rapidly, waiting for months-long development cycles and user training simply isn't an option. Citizen development with business users creating solutions themselves, seems like a tempting answer to alleviate IT burden. However, it introduces potential security and governance issues. 

    The ideal solution lies in a native HCM environment with seamless extensibility. This means integrations and extensions seamlessly inherit the platform's security features, creating a "plug-and-play" framework for complex scenarios. Imagine a building with pre-approved, secure Lego bricks! This not only empowers business users with self-service options but also ensures everything operates within established security measures. This is the "democratization" of extensibility – giving HR the agility it needs without compromising security or control. 

    By prioritizing native extensibility, organizations can move beyond the limitations of traditional HCM and empower HR to adapt to changing needs quickly and securely. 

    Elevate Your HR Game With Darwinbox 

    Darwinbox, the leading cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, has recently launched its game-changing Extensibility Suite. This innovative solution empowers mid-market and enterprise customers using Darwinbox to streamline integrations and craft unique extensions addressing specific business needs beyond core HCM functionalities.​  

    This suite emerges as a strategic layer atop the robust Darwinbox modules, aiming to radically simplify the integration landscape for HCM systems and providing the agility to develop bespoke extensions tailored to unique business needs adjacent to HCM. 

    Components of Darwinbox’s Extensibility Suite: 

    Darwinbox Studio 

    A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) integrations manager, enabling seamless HCM bound integrations with user-friendly operations, ushering in a new era of autonomy and flexibility for HR professionals.​ Here’s what’s being offered: 

    • Do-it-yourself integrations simplified with Low Code​: Darwinbox Studio comes loaded with 100+ Prepackaged connectors and 50+ integration templates to plug and play.  It also includes an intuitive Integration recipe builder to orchestrate custom integrations​. Further, a central dashboard has been added to help you monitor integration failures and retry​.
    • Enterprise Ready Security: Darwinbox Studio doesn't just offer powerful integration capabilities; it prioritizes your data security with a multi-layered approach. Every touchpoint in your integrations is meticulously tracked and audited, providing complete transparency and ensuring accountability. You have granular control over access to API data, down to the specific endpoint level, and can even rotate keys regularly for further protection. Plus, data encryption is built-in, shielding both inbound and outbound APIs and files with industry-standard AES 256 and PGP encryption. This comprehensive security approach lets you build and manage integrations with confidence, knowing your sensitive information is always safeguarded. 
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership​: The subscription model follows a streamlined, pay-per-use approach. Tiered options cater to any organization size, while annual fees bring predictability and eliminate upfront investments. This drastically reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

    Darwinbox Amplify

    This low-code development interface empowers teams to effortlessly execute extensions, including feature enhancements and process automation, thereby catalyzing innovation and efficiency. 

    • Customize User Experiences with Low-code Tools: Execute front-end scripting to easily customize user experiences.  Plus, a unified console houses workflows, decision matrices and pre-packaged scripts giving you a ready-to-use toolkit for crafting personalized user journeys.  
    • Compose With Ease by Executing Cross-module Feature Builds: Execute seamless back-end scripting to perform cross-module validations. Augment any module or enable feature builds on top of multiple modules.
    • Seamlessly Deliver Extended Capabilities and Ensure Adoption: Rapidly deliver feature enhancements; process automation and push adoption on all channels​. ​ Seamless extension of User Interface (UI) aids employee experience​.
    • Leverage Native Security and Built-in Controls: Security is paramount, and Darwinbox doesn't compromise. Leverage the platform's robust native security measures and built-in controls to ensure your creations are safe and reliable. Rest assured that malicious code and manipulation of critical fields are actively restricted via built-in controls, allowing you to innovate with confidence. 


    In today's dynamic business landscape, agility is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. This holds true for your HCM platform as well. Legacy HRIS systems, with their rigid structures and limited scope, simply can't keep pace. This is where extensibility emerges as a game-changer for CHROs and CIOs seeking a future-proof solution. 

    Think of extensibility as the ability to tailor your HCM platform to your unique needs, not the other way around. Feature enhancements and seamless integrations unlock a world of possibilities. Streamline workflows, automate processes, and empower your HR team to tackle unforeseen challenges, all within a secure and governed environment. 

    But extensibility isn't just about functionality; it's about control. Native extensibility ensures your customizations seamlessly inherit the platform's robust security features, eliminating concerns about data breaches or shadow IT. And with intuitive tools and pre-built resources, user adoption becomes a breeze. 

    By prioritizing extensibility, you're not just investing in a platform, you're investing in your organization's agility and adaptability. Embrace the power to evolve and empower your HR team to become a true strategic partner in driving business success. Remember, the future is unwritten, and your HCM platform should be too. Choose extensibility and choose the freedom to write your own success story. 


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