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    The Ultimate List of HR Courses to Upskill

    September 15, 2021

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    Unmesh Lamture
    Written By
    Unmesh Lamture

    Human resources aspirants or professionals alike need to stay on the edge of skill renewal and learning.

    This blog delves into the ultimate HR courses to upskill.

    Learning, adding new skills, certificates, and adding new courses to your resume has never been this easy. The world of human resources as we know it has always been changing. However, it is changing faster than ever before with nuanced practices and in-depth learning.

    HR newbies and experienced professionals thus need to stay ahead of developments and technology to meet the requirements of the current and future workplace.

    HR is no longer what we've known it to be, traditionally. Software, AI, Machine Learning, and Networking are just a few of the new developments in human resources.


    An HR professional's goal should be to be more skilled than they need to be today to meet tomorrow's demands. In the past, this would involve taking time off work and enrolling in an institution for quite a while. Not to mention, saving up a fair amount to make sure you get into the best institutions that offer well-recognized HR courses.

    Well, none of these are limiting factors now. If anything is holding an HR executive back from becoming more valuable to themselves and their organization, it does not lie externally.

    Yes, it is that plain: upskilling yourself is all in your hands today. This list has been curated carefully to include some of the most quintessential HR courses you need to upskill.

    To further simplify your search, the list is divided into HR Analytics courses, HR Management courses, and HR Certification courses.


    Note: All prices indicated pertain to when this list was curated. Rates and fees may have changed since.


    HR Analytics Courses

    1. Human Resource Analytics

      This HR analytics course focuses on pinpointing effective data sources, developing meaningful metrics, long-term strategies, and applying learning to support the organization's tactics and strategy.

      • Course rating: 4.6 from a sample of 217 ratings
      • Instructor rating: 4.37/5
      • Offered by : The University of California, Irvine's Division of Continuing Learning
      • Cost: Free

      This course will suit working or aspiring professionals, as it takes a mere six hours to complete and is 100% online. Additionally, the flexible deadlines ensure that you do not have to take a day off to finish an assessment.

      Enrolment is entirely free.

      By the end of this course, you will be skilled in Data Analysis, HR lifecycle, Strategic mindset, and HR best practices.

    2. People Analytics (Coursera)

      This HR analytics course aims to delve into state-of-the-art techniques exploited to hire and retain talent and show how top companies employ these methods. The course also explains how data and complex analysis get used in people management. The instructors are forerunners in the field of people analytics.
      • Course rating: 4.5 from a sample of 5281 ratings
      • Instructor rating: 4.61/5
      • Offered by:The University of Pennsylvania
      • Cost: Free

        This course is ideal for young professionals or aspirants looking to upskill. It takes about nine hours to complete and is also completely online. It also offers flexible deadlines.

        Enrolment is free.

        By the end of this HR course, you would have gained the following skills: talent management, analytics, performance management, and collaboration.

    3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

      This Certification course comprises of  Eight courses:

      • Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
      • Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
      • Prepare Data for Exploration
      • Process Data from Dirty to Clean
      • Analyse Data to Answer Questions
      • Share Data through the Art of Visualization
      • Data Analysis with R Programming
      • Google Data Analytics Capstone: Complete a Case Study

      Course rating: 4.8 out of a sample of 17188 ratings
      Offered by: Google
      Cost: Free

      This fascinating course is recommended for aspirants looking to be more desirable for entry-level jobs in HR. It is a longer course and could take up to six months to complete, but completely worth the while. The course is entirely online and also offers flexible deadlines.

      Enrolment is entirely free.

      This HR analytics course equips you with the following skills: Spreadsheets, data cleansing, data analysis, data visualization (DataViz), SQL, questioning, decision making, problem-solving, metadata, data collection, data ethics, and sample size determination.

    4. Hands-On HR Analytics Online Course for Human Resources

      This course is offered on the Udemy platform and is the ultimate HR course to upskill individuals who already have a good idea of the HR process and its workings. The course takes between six and a half to nine hours to complete and is online.

      The goal of the course is to ensure that HR professionals can interpret and transform data into meaningful statistics using HR and big data analytics.

      • Course rating: 4.0 out of 396 ratings
      • Instructor rating: 4.2/5
      • Offered by:Udemy
      • Cost: INR 385

        It is a paid online HR course.

        At the end of the course, candidates will be able to:

      • Choose relevant HR metrics
      • Create HR dashboards
      • Identify required data
      • Employ the best analytics methods/tools
      • Create histograms, boxplots and perform the necessary analysis
      • Use scatter diagram, correlation, chi-square test, ANOVA, T-Test
      • Build simple regression-based predictive models
      • Lead an HR analytics project
    5. People Analytics and Evidence-Based Management

      In this course, candidates will understand the requirements to start with people analytics, face common challenges, and leverage scientific evidence to make crucial management decisions.

      The course is broken down into these three sections:
      • Introduction to People Analytics
      • People Analytics Use Cases
      • Getting Started with People Analytics

        You must score a minimum of 50% in the final exam to obtain the certificate.
      • Course rating: 4.38 out of 919 votes
      • Offered by: OpenSAP in cooperation with the University of Mannheim and Mannheim Business School.
      • Cost: Free

        This HR analytics course is appropriate for those higher up the HR management chain. However, it will still add value to anyone who is looking at furthering their careers. The course allows candidates to set the pace and should take a maximum of twelve hours.

    6. People Analytics (LinkedIn)

      LinkedIn offers a free 1-month trial of a few parts of this HR analytics course. It cannot be stressed enough how much every budding or experienced professional should use this opportunity. The instructors are professionals or esteemed individuals practicing in the field.

      This advanced course talks about what People Analytics is and how businesses can use data and HR strategies to solve their issues. It also compares People Analytics with AI, machine learning, and big data.
      • Offered by: LinkedIn
      • Cost: INR 1,400

        If you are someone who has not looked back on learning something new to upskill yourself in a while, this course can rekindle the learning bug within you. The entire course is just over thirty-five minutes, and packs in a punch. While it may not be the first certificate you want to show off, it may just be the gateway online course to get you started and interested in learning again.


    Human Resource Management Courses

    This section of HR courses is curated for people managers or those aspiring to become HR managers. Upskilling is a requirement no matter which rung of the ladder you are on.

    1. Human Resource Management: HR for People Managers Specialization

      The course delves deep into various aspects. It starts with a thorough introduction of the principles, policies, and practices of HR management.

      While the learning ease of the course is viable for those who want to brush up their skills before leaving college, it is recommended for managers that want to fortify their skill-set. It takes about six months to complete this online HR course. It also has flexible deadlines.

      By the end of the HR management course, you will be upskilled in the following areas:

      • Performance Management
      • Interviewing
      • On-boarding
      • Managing people
      • Resource management
      • HR strategy
      • Recruiting
      • Performance appraisal
      • Organizational culture
      • Incentivizing

        Course rating: 4.8 from 8290 ratings
        Offered by: The University of Minnesota on Coursera
        Cost: Free

    2. World-Class HR: 21st Century Talent Management

      This program covers topics like:

      • Optimize talent acquisition
      • Performance management
      • Engagement and retention
      • Continuous learning
      • Global leadership
      • Big data and analytics

        Course rating: 4.4 from 4159 ratings
        Instructor rating: 4.4/5
        Offered by: Josh Bersin on Udemy
        Cost: INR 385

    3. Certificate in HumanResource Management

      This HR course covers the basics of managing employee benefits and policies, what an HR manager needs to know about discrimination regulations, key pay policies, and avoid the traps of the employee selection process.

      This comprehensive course has seven separate models. From the date of purchase, HRCI gives you six months of unlimited access to the HR management course so that you can complete it at your leisure within that time.

      It covers these main modules:

      • Compensation and Benefits
      • Data and Human Resource Management
      • Employee Selection
      • Equal Employment Opportunity
      • Introduction to Human Resources Management
      • Performance Management
      • Talent Management and Career Development

      Offered by: HRCI Learning Center
      Cost: $399 (approx. INR 29,170)
    4. People and Organizations

      This HR management course focuses on the challenges that management professionals face. It employs interactive exercises and simulations to help develop skills in negotiation, teamwork, and leadership.

      Considering all its benefits, this is a worthwhile free course. Not only is it backed by a recognized name, but it also gives you access to all the lecture notes and readings. It also allows you to pace yourself and does not require adherence to strict deadlines.

      There are two lectures of one and a half hours each every week, besides the downloads and readings.


        Offered by: MIT OpenCourseWare
      • Cost: Free

    HR Certification Courses

    1. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

      This HR certification course covers the foundations of project management and gives excellent insights into the roles and responsibilities of project managers.

      With this HR certification course, you will learn:

      • Organizational Culture
      • Career Development
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Change Management
      • Project Management
      • Stakeholder Management
      • Business Writing
      • Project Charter
      • Project Planning
      • Risk Management
      • Task Estimation
      • Procurement

      Course rating: 4.9 from 10484 ratings
      Offered by:Google
      Cost: Free

      Once you've reached a certain level in HR, growth doesn't necessarily have to be upwards. Instead, it could be horizontal, which means taking on varying responsibilities solely related to HR. Today, it is imperative to be skilled in more than one area.

      While this course is not specific to HR, it is a valuable addition to have under your belt. Being certified by Google in project management goes a long way in creating an impression. Not to mention, it gives you an enviable skill set that will help you shake things up at the workplace to encourage your team to contribute more.

      It is meant for entry-level applicants who are likely to get the most out of it, but it is also highly recommended for professionals looking for lateral growth.

    2. SHRM Certified Professional and Senior Certified Professional

      SHRM offers two kinds of HR certification courses:

        • SHR CP (Certified Professional): You require one year of experience or a graduate degree to be eligible to apply.
        • SHRM SCP (Senior Certified Professional): You must have up to seven years of HR experience if you don't have a degree. If you have a degree
        • , then up to five years of experience is required. If you are a Master's holder, you need to have up to four years of experience.

          However, if your degree is related to HR, you require one less year of experience.

      These certificates are designed to improve a professional's impact in their organization and propel their careers. It is also focused on connecting with business leaders.

      Cost: $300–$375 for members and $400-$475 for non-members (approx. INR 20,000–INR 35,000)

      You will also have to plan and apply before the application windows close. SHRM offers a spring testing window and a winter testing window. You can give the test from the convenience of your home. The duration of the course also varies, depending on the effort you put into the coursework.
    3. Human Resources Certificate Program

      This course takes about four and a half months, with three to five classes a week. It is an online HR course, and you are required to take an examination before getting certified. Therefore, the price tag is hefty. However, the institution has a stellar reputation, being from the Ivy League.
      • Offered by: Cornell University
      • Cost: $5400 (approx. INR 3.95 lakhs)

        Both HR professionals and freshers can take the course. The university offers the entire course for this price. However, it also allows candidates to take individual two-week modules. It may be more beneficial for working professionals or those that have to adhere to a budget.

        It may be a good idea to do one or two modules every few months and take your time to get fully certified.

    4. Change Management for HR (CMHR) Certification

      Candidates would achieve three primary outcomes with this HR certification course:
      Be able to contribute as a partner in successfully managing change for the business. Understand what the role of HR is during change.
      Be able to create an action plan and implement it.
      • Offered by: Human Capital Institute
      • Cost: $1995 (approx. INR 1.5 lakhs)

        Change management courses are a smart way to stay relevant. The HR world is changing with the adoption of new HR tech. Therefore, you would want to be a part of what drives the change. This certification lets you become valuable and indispensable to your organization.

        These courses typically last four weeks and are half-day classes. You could also opt for two-day programs if that fits your schedule better. It is an entirely online HR course.

    5. Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) Certification

      This is yet another HR certification course offered by HCI and recommended for professionals who want to improve their HR acumen. The course lasts up to six weeks. You could also opt for an intensive three-day download. 

    The course will help professionals in these areas:

    • Work more strategically
    • Demonstrate business and financial acumen
    • Use meaningful business analytics
    • Enhance your consulting skills
    • Co-create solutions
    • Manage change
    • Measure progress

      Offered by: Human Capital Institute.
      Cost: $2795.0 (approx. INR 2.05 lakhs)


    If you are looking to get certified on other platforms or from other institutions, besides your main alma mater, do the research required to make sure they are recognized and add value to your resume. This relatively comprehensive list of HR courses proves that there are numerous opportunities out there for upskilling yourself. 

    If you are a young aspiring professional or just started working, it is understandable that you may not feel the importance of studying more. After all, you have most likely just finished a few years at college or university.

    However, that is a mindset that you should deviate from. Switch from the perspective of seeing learning as a chore.

    Instead, see it as a set of keys.

    The more keys you have on your keychain, the more value you unlock for yourself as a person and for the organization that you are a part of.

    Upskilling is imperative for anyone looking to move up the ladder or get better at their jobs.

    These courses are meant for individuals from several backgrounds looking to upskill. Because in reality, organizations always need their human capital and human resource management force to keep up.

    Organizations, on their part, must take the helm in guiding young and tenured employees alike towards education that amplifies their skills and impacts the organization and society fruitfully.

    Employers must keep this critical fact in mind when investing in employee skill enhancement. An employee who feels invested in your company is more likely to have a higher output and less likely to search for a job elsewhere.

    With the ever-changing corporate and business environments and modes of working, we must keep up with the changing tides, or inevitably be left behind.

    While you are likely to find more than one or two courses here that pique your interest, this ultimate list of HR courses is not exhaustive. Research and find the course with the modules that fit you the best.

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