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    “HR, There’s A Way To Do It Better – Find It”

    March 21, 2017

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    HR, there's a way to do it better
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    HR Innovative Practice in any field is cast to amplify success and outgrow competition. The focus point of many firms has always been on technical innovativeness, even though human resource (HR) is considered one of the most valuable assets in today’s firms. HR Innovations have always remained scarce, primarily because the impact of HR innovation on organizational efficiency was never truly appreciated. With an increasing emphasis on the human resources department and it is acknowledged as the real driver of growth in an organization, innovations in HR management are relentlessly arising. Now whether to stand out from the crowd or thrive in a service sector driven market innovative practices are to be followed. While some of them have already been put to test, many of them are yet to be discovered.

    Connecting with potential employees:

    The HR functions start much before recruitment and selection. It may well start as a potential employee starts scouting for an organization. In this, first impressions are critical where the use of the Internet to evaluate brands and forming opinions occurs. The fact that nearly all of the companies have a Facebook page or an attractive website which showcases their grandeur but on a more practical note, an inspiring and interactive career portal would capture millennial attention.

    A Corporate biggie like the Microsoft Corporation invests heavily in a globally-integrated career site that features Millennial-friendly content, such as employee blogs and videos.

    Blogs as a strategic recruiting tool:

    A culture-related blog can be created and the employees who generate referrals can be suitably rewarded. Creating a Talent Management blog is another option. Destination blogs are a great way to easily publish information that is relevant and interesting to passive candidates. Blogging can be an instant feedback mechanism that is less time-consuming and efficient.

    Customize jobs to the talent:

    Millennials have different role expectations than older generations. So to counter this, some companies have to start customizing the jobs according to the talent the millennial has. This not only helps in getting the employee to work to his full potential but also satisfies the employee without much effort.

    Companies like Oracle has started using this in the recent times and proved to be very productive in its operations.

    Searchlight meetings:

    These are short, informal and fun meetings where employees make hiring suggestions to the HR staff, instead of a formal method of asking all employees. The most crucial factor to make them successful is to make them fun and the roles very clear. It should be short and every current employee should be thanked for their referral.

    Companies like Google and Dropbox are already using this method for recruiting 20% of their employees.

    Keep Rivals Away from Poaching:

    No boss wants their employees snapped up by the rival company. In this era where the IT companies quarrel among themselves making both of them only weaker. So signing a pact to not recruit either of their former employees would be apropos and beneficial to both of them.

    Free Look Period:

    A few start-ups have started this practice wherein all new hires have the right to leave or stay based on a deeper understanding of the company's working culture. Engagement within the startup’s ecosystem is extremely pivotal for the first 30 days, as each one has their own way of operating. Also for someone joining an established organization, there may be a lot of disparities between the world load, environment, and paycheck.

    So no matter how effective are the practices mentioned above, it’s finally up to the organization to implement them and start new trends in management.

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