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    Is Your Recruitment Social Enough?

    June, 12 2017

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    Is Your Recruitment Social Enough?
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    Need a job? or a new member of your team? A social media channel is all you’ll need now. The new trend in the recruiting space ‘social recruiting’. As social media evolves and the competition in the talent market tightens, more and more employers have adopted the process of social recruiting or E-recruiting in search of potential talent. Simply put, social recruiting is the process of attracting and hiring of candidates using the platform of social networking sites.

    Employers have been using various social media channels, creating the right content to attract the right pool. Many companies even have a separate careers page on their social media channels to reach out to prospective candidates. Employees today look beyond pay scale and reputation of a company, they demand a co-operative work environment and social media has helped them in creating employer branding; Social networking sites such as YouTube and Instagram provides an excellent platform for companies to depict their work environment through photos and videos. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can help business to share knowledge and build a connection. Many recruiters even alert about hiring’s through the mode of tweets. Hashtags such as #nowhiring, #jobopening etc have been trending in the recruiting space.

    Employees too have been using this platform to widen their job prospects and expand their network to more companies. For example, LinkedIn- built primarily for the purpose of professional networking; it allows candidates to post their resumes in detail and give direct links to one’s work, blog, website etc. social media has also helped people to create or join groups of interest and start discussions on the same. Employees today can interact and express their opinion with others working in similar fields throughout the world. Websites such as Glassdoor can help employees give internal reviews of the company.

    Social media has also ensured a check on the transparency and authenticity of its employee’s profile. social media has not only replaced the traditional forms of recruiting it has also helped employers, potential candidates and other industry players with a medium to build connection and express their views. As social recruiting has been gaining popularity in the recruiting space at a fast pace, we are looking at a future with even greater innovations.

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