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    Enroute Excellence - 5 Product Upgrades To Watch Out For

    January 29, 2019

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    Akanksha Tanwar
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    Akanksha Tanwar

    When we set out to build a world-class HCM technology right out of India, we knew this wasn’t going to be an overnight affair. It was something that meant being in it for the long run. It meant being unafraid of mistakes, outshining yourself with every new organization we served, every new release, and most importantly - never compromising on the commitment to be more.

    Thus it is fair enough to say that evolution and striving to be a better version of ourselves, no matter what we do is the common denominator that binds us together.

    Now as breakthrough as the year 2018 was in terms of our growth - it was also a year when we worked day in and day out to make sure that our mothership - the product evolved into a much better and smarter version of itself! Therefore, be it the added intelligence that makes decisions smarter or new age interfaces that make using technology easier - we made sure organizations and clients empowered through our HR Technology can be their best self at work.Here are some of the most remarkable developments that stood out and ahead from the rest:

    Immersive Design - New Dashboard:

    Essentially what we love to refer to as Darwinbox 2.0. In fact, if there was one development we would have been calling out in this list this would be it. With a universal search bar, comprehensive notifications, and faster & easier navigation, the new dashboard takes user experience to another level altogether!

    darwinbox dashboard

    AI-driven Hiring:

    The integration of interview scheduler with G-Suite and O-365 makes scheduling and tracking interviews a breeze. With stack ranking to rank candidates based on skills, experience, and multiple other parameters, the selection process has become even more refined and efficient. All of this along with voice-based feedback of interviews on mobile makes sure that the entire hiring experience is as smooth and streamlined as possible.

    AI in hiring

    Interactive Performance Management:

    With a brand new UI, performance module is now equipped with performance journal with the summary of continuous feedbacks, reportees performance view, advanced goal privacy, edit mode for all goals etc.. In addition to this; there is an auto calculation of rating with a goal level unique identifier to integrate with CRM, goal plan creation and linking it with review cycle and so much more!

    performance management

    The ease of voice-based interaction:

    With voice-driven interaction and query resolution on mobile, this new-age conversational UI helps reduce time to act while driving up efficiency. From transactional tasks like checking reportees’ attendance to critical ones like performance feedback, Darwin is going to be your go-to person!


    Addressing grievances with little effort - Help Desk:

    The end user has always been the sun to our solar system. And when it comes to them, a friend in need is a friend indeed is the mantra we truly swear by! Hence our new age, comprehensive helpdesk makes sure we are always there when the user might need us. Users can raise and resolve queries using both web and mobile app. Features like auto-assignment rules, SLA tracking make sure that customer support truly supports.

    help desk-darwinbox

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