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    Achieving Excellence Through Transparency - In Conversation With Dr. Sapna Purohit

    May 13, 2019

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    With her trademark simplicity and charm, Dr. Sapna Purohit graced our couch for this episode of our thought leadership series - Dialogue with Darwin. Serving as the SVP and Head of HR for one of India’s most popular pharmaceutical company - Sun Pharma, it was an absolute pleasure to host her for the interesting conversation and insight she brought to the table! From employee engagement and retention being a priority for HR to establishing the performance connect, watch her as she takes us through the world of HR from her lens.

    Read on for some highlights of the interaction:

    The top priority for HR:

    Sapna believes that as recruitment and attrition should be hygiene for HR, performance connect is something that HR should focus on. Accordingly to Sapna, if one has hired individuals as talents then they should give them complete opportunity to perform and contribute the best. It should always be a priority for HR to align the larger goal of the organization to the individual goal. Often, we see that we get the right talent but if the ecosystem is not developed to bring out the best out of them then it is highly likely that you lose the talent. Attrition is often caused by mismanagement. If one manages the talent well & align their performances to the organization’s goal it delivers the best results.

    What truly matters for better employee engagement:

    According to Sapna, topmost priority should be given to clear communication. She says, “How you communicate & the level of transparency that you maintain is crucial”. She also mentions why it is vital to maintain the authenticity of the information that you share with your employees, right up to the last level. Communication helps in building credibility & increase trusts towards the organization and management.

    Things that have changed about Sapna:

    According to Sapna, being for a long period in academics has helped her learn that nurturing talent, building up their capability & bringing out the best without any personal gain is very important. It is the learning that she immensely cherishes and will do for life.

    Rapid Fire:

    sapna purohit

    While that was a brief highlight of the power packed session; you can watch the full video here. Stay tuned for more episodes’ takeaways on our blog!

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