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    41+ Top Employee Engagement Survey Questions You Must Ask

    February 16, 2022

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    Employee engagement surveys bridge the gap between the employee and the employer. It is how the employees can actually bring the employer’s or the management’s attention to the little (or big) things that matter to the people on the ground.  

    Therefore, it is important that when you build up a survey to determine if you are taking the right steps to cater to the engagement of employees that you include all the right kinds of questions. For this survey, you are going to need questions that are raw, deep, and informative, so that you don’t have a hard time figuring out where the problems lie and what can be done to solve them.c  

    Before we move on to discover the most essential questions that make up an airtight employee engagement survey, let’s find out why it is even necessary to have one in the first place: 

    Why do we need Employee Engagement Surveys? 

    Employee engagement surveys help the management and the employers get into the particulars of how the people working inside an org feel about the company’s engagement strategies and inclusion efforts. Here’s everything you will be able to work on when you receive the results of an employee engagement survey: 

    • Identify the problems with your employee engagement strategies 
    • Identify the employee groups that are being overlooked or left out from the engagement practices 
    • Put a plan that eradicated all the problems identified in the steps above 
    • Build trust and comradery with the employees 
    • Channel the feedback from the employees into better engagement plans 

    Here are the Top Employee Engagement Survey Questions 

    There are a lot of questions that you must ask your employees to determine how they are responding to the company, to their work, to their team, and to the culture at the workplace. And for that, there is a certain tonality you must follow. We will cover this part before we can cover the sample employee engagement survey questions. To pose these particular questions, you must make sure that: 

    • These are unequivocal and unambiguous. 
    • These are pointed, specific, and to the point.  
    • These sound neutral and courteous.  
    • You limit the number of questions to a doable and realistic amount. 
    • The focus is on asking things that you can actually improve.  

    Now with no further ado, let’s go through some of the best employee engagement survey questions one must ask: 

    Job Satisfaction Related Questions: 

    To measure true employee engagement, you need to put in questions that would directly determine if your employees are satisfied with your engagement tactics. The satisfaction metrics will help you make some much-needed changes to the company culture and to how the management approaches the employees.  

    This will help the employees discover if they really are happy and satisfied with their position in the organization. In turn, it will help the employer discover where the problems of disengagement and dissatisfaction lie internally. Here are some questions that will help you get a good idea about the employee satisfaction index: 

    1. How do you feel at work today? 

    2. Are you proud to be working at (organization name) 

    3. Did you feel excited coming to work today? 

    4. Would you recommend working at (organization name) to a friend? 

    5. Are you satisfied with the number and kind of benefits you are offered? 

    6. Would you consider hanging out with your team outside of work? 

    7. Do you find your contribution to (organization name) meaningful? 

    8. Do you feel connected to your coworkers? 

    9. Do you often think of making a switch from (organization name)? 

    10. Would you be excited if you were to receive a new project? 

    11. Do you feel like you are being valued for the work you put in?

    12. Are you satisfied with your current compensation? 

    Company Values and Beliefs Related Questions: 

    To work at a particular place of employment, an employee must have an alignment with the beliefs and values of the company, otherwise, commitment and loyalty are extremely hard to harness. Here are some alignment questions you can take a clue from:  

    13. Do you enjoy the culture at (organization name)? 

    14. Do you think (organization name) invests in your professional growth

    15. Do you think that your professional goals are in alignment with the company goals? 

    16. Do you feel like you belong here at (organization name)? 

    17. Do you feel inspired to give your best every day? 

    18. Does your work ethic match the work style at (organization name)? 

    19. Are the company’s goals taking you where you want to go professionally? 

    20. Do you think the leaders at (organization name) contribute to the visions and cultures practiced here? 

    21. Do the company values empower you to do better at (organization name)?

    Team Spirit Related Employee Engagement Survey Questions: 

    If an employee is close with their team and feels valued by the management, they are highly likely to be satisfied with their jobs and their work lives as a whole. They would want to come to work more often, have more motivation to pick up new tasks, and would have the push to pitch new ideas and general feedback. Here are some questions you can add to determine the same: 

    22. Do you get to learn something new from your team every day? 

    23. Do you feel that there is enough communication within the team? 

    24. Do you feel comfortable giving feedback to your superiors? 

    25. Do you feel comfortable enough to voice initiatives? 

    26. Is your feedback taken into consideration within the team? 

    27. Do you feel involved in the decision-making process within the team? 

    28. Are your priorities and roles clear to you? 

    29. Do you feel cared for by your superiors? 

    30. Do you feel that you are a part of a talented team that has all the right skills? 

    31. Do you think you are provided with all the resources and knowledge for the tasks you get to attempt? 

    32. Do your teammates inspire you to do more/better? 

    33. Are your teammates supportive? 

    34. Do your teammates contribute to an environment of high productivity? 

    35. Would you consider your coworkers as your friends? 

    Dedication and Allegiance Related Questions: 

    One more parameter that can help you determine how engaged your employees feel is to determine how dedicated they are to their work. If an employee feels drawn to their work, curious about what they do, and can’t wait to take up the next opportunity, they are more likely to feel more engaged at the workplace. Here are some questions that will help you clear that right up: 

    36. Do you think about switching jobs and going to another company? 

    37. Do you see yourself working at (organization name) for the next two years? 

    38. Does (organization name) motivate you to be the best version of yourself? 

    39. Do you feel proud telling people that you work at (organization name)? 

    40. Do you feel like being here is a big milestone in your career?

    Miscellaneous Engagement Survey Questions:

    We are going to use this space to come up with questions that are personalized to the organization you are conducting the survey for: 

    41. Would you feel better if there was a snack bar in the sitting room? 

    42. Do you like participating in the wellness or fitness programs at (organization name)?

    To Sum It Up 

    HR practices, or people leadership steps could have an amazing impact. But to know how the impact is coming in, you need to ask about it to the people you’re doing it for. Maybe it does not have to be direct, it can be anonymous, and come as a surprise, but employee engagement surveys are integral for course correction in employee retention.  

    These were some of the most basic questions you would want to add to your employee engagement survey questions. We hope that it will help you determine the gaps in your game plan and the areas you might be lacking in. Put these in your next survey form right away. Oh, and, don’t worry, we’ll keep diversifying this list and adding more with time! 


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