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    Webinar Highlights: Enabling HRs To Build a Safe Workplace With HR Tech

    June 12, 2020

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    Enabling HRs to build a Safe Workplace with HR Tech
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    In an unprecedented move, companies and individuals all over the world had to put a stop to their normal work-life for at least a quarter of this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This crisis has greatly changed what ‘normal’ work-life typically meant for all of us. Now, that people around the world are taking small steps towards moving out for work, companies have to begin implementing the ‘new normal’ way of work.

    Darwinbox recently hosted a webinar with Mr YC Lau who has an impressive HR background and has worked at some of the best companies in varied industries such as SingTel Group Digital Life, IDA, The Ascott Group and SembCorp Logistics. Through this session Mr. YC Lau shared his key insights on Singapore MOM Guidelines and what HR leaders can do to emerge from this crisis stronger and safer.

    Here are the key highlights from the session:

    1. The Global Health Crisis

    The time we are in is one that is not only unfortunate but also is one that couldn’t have been predicted by anyone. As of now, there are more than 6 million COVID cases present globally. By December and January, the crisis was only limited to China but has now spread to more than 100 countries of the world. These countries have implemented partial or complete lockdown, which has brought amazing results in controlling the pandemic. This lockdown thus means that companies had to make sure that work took place from home.

    1. Things HR’s Must Understand

    HR practitioners in companies need to understand that this is a flu that will be with us for quite some time. Governments are trying to lower the number of people getting affected by the same, and companies must join hands in this direction. So it is important to do what we can to keep employees safe in the first instance. At the same time, every crisis brings with it an opportunity. Previously, too, many companies have risen from crisis and are shining today. So it is crucial to remind our leaders, that there can be an opportunity from this crisis if looked at it hard with a decisive mindset.

    1. The Three Phases Of Emerging Stronger

    • Return Safe- Accepting that working from home will be the new normal provided the work equipment can be brought home and if you can serve your customers virtually. If this isn’t possible, you have to implement workforce aggregation and workforce management.
    • Optimise for Efficiency- Be aware and observant of the tensions that exist within the organisation. Interact with employees more to understand their emotions and find solutions to solve them.
    • Excel Digitally- Accepting that work will not change but may get relocated. Once you figure out how the work may get relocated, you will have a roadmap to move forward. You can excel by using a roadmap that involves bifurcating work between gig workers, your permanent staff and AI that will help smoothen the return process.
    1. Key Ingredients To Emerge Stronger

    • Right Guidance- Supporting your government’s efforts to make your country stronger and leading your company in a direction that results in risk-free employee workspace.
    • Right Attitude- Currently, there is a blanket of fear over all of us because of the situation we are. It is time to convert this fear into resilience and join the world with a positive mindset.
    • Right Enabler- There is a need for an adaptive and caring HR partner who listens and is willing to adapt according to the situations.



    The crisis sure has made us create a new normal. One that is mighty different from what we were used to. However, with the help of the right mindset and technology, HR’s can help build a stronger workspace for both employees and leaders. Darwinbox as an HR tech platform helps employees manage their work from both home and office since it consists of facial recognitions for attendance, GPS and geo-tagging for locations manpower management, especially shift management and rotational shift management when the new lockdown or unlock down rules are enforced.

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