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    Highlights from Darwinbox’s HR ChangeMakers Club Session: Healthcare Edit

    July 22, 2020

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    With over 15 million people affected by COVID-19 globally, several public policies have been implemented to contain the spread of the virus. These have in turn caused significant disruptions in the healthcare sector. Both in-patient and out-patient footfalls have seen a significant drop in all private, speciality, and diagnostic businesses and enterprises throughout India. With revenues lost due to this reduction in customer demands or even supply-chain failures, there is unexpected pressure on working capital and the ability to sustain fixed costs, for players across the sector.

    Apart from revenues, other KPIs will also have to be closely monitored. From streamlining operating processes to safeguarding employees and investing in HR technologies, the sector will have to take some drastic steps to ensure business continuity and safety. To gain a better understanding of how leading players in the sector across India are coping with these changes, we recently hosted people leaders including Gowri Chintala (Fernandez Hospital), Dr Neil Sequeria (Kokilaben Hospital), Rahul Kulkarni (Rainbow Hospitals), Sirshendu Mookherjee, (Narayana Hrudalaya), Murali Krishna (Sakra Hospitals), and Dr Sriharsha Achar (Ex: Apollo Hospitals), as part of our HR ChangeMaker’s Club panel discussion.

    To get a sneak-peek into the session from the panellists themselves, make sure to watch this video:

    We’ve also put down all the key insights from the session in the infographic below:


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