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    Pocket PMS - Performance Management on Mobile

    May 30, 2019

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    Performance Management on Mobile

    The business ecosystem is currently witnessing a radical shift due to employees’ evolving technology preferences and consumption patterns. Thanks to the advanced functionalities, user experience, and the ease of mobile that consumer applications are constantly providing and bettering, the expectations that consumers have from technology in general, have risen. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of this new-age, on-the-go workforce, being mobile first becomes nothing less than hygiene for enterprise applications like our own.

    And enterprise applications can only deliver value on this front if they engage users throughout the spectrum of HCM. Hence, not just the transactional (leaves and attendance), but even the tactical aspects need to be addressed through new-age, smart mobile solutions. One of these is performance management which also happens to be the most important of them all as it is often the underlying reason behind a person’s association with the organization itself!

    So here are some touch points of performance management that can be made easier to navigate through our intuitive, functionally deep and user-friendly mobile application:

    pocket pms-1

    Goal Planning On Mobile:

    Managers/employees can add new goals or edit the ones from the previous cycle. Additionally, milestones and subgoals across a goal can be defined and their progress can be tracked over the course of the review cycle. Keeping in mind the ever-changing business scenarios and the dynamic nature of projects employees work on, they can also create dynamic goals within the goal plan, independent of the appraisal and managers can approve their reportees’ goal plans on the app itself.

    performance management on mobile

    Tracking Performance Progress:

    To make sure that no praise-worthy moment gets missed out on, a performance journal can now be maintained with public or private entries across goals/competencies on mobile. This helps enable a continuous dialogue between the manager and the employee. Goal achievement percentage can be updated from time to time through the mobile app itself to make sure that the insight collected from the system is data-backed and concrete.

    pms on mobile

    Enabling Continuous Feedback:

    Through continuous feedback on mobile, employees have the ability to request/solicit feedback from anyone in the organization at all times. Goals, skills/competencies, or even custom questions can be included in Continuous feedback. Through a dashboard, the employee can see the history of all continuous feedback interactions that took place throughout the cycles.

    An exhaustive summary of the feedback received is generated for the employee to get insights on their strengths & weaknesses. All of this can be achieved even more smoothly through voice commands as well with Darwin, our new age voice-first HR bot.

    pocket pms

    Talent Profile:

    Employees can view their historic performance records across cycles at one place. The performance history will be available by parameters of evaluation like goals, competencies or both. This can be configured on the system. Similarly, managers can review the historical performance of all their reportees across cycles in the past through the talent profile option on the mobile app.

    To explore all of this and even more of the Darwinbox experience on mobile, get in touch today!

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