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    Relevance, Reimagination, Diversity, And Disruption - Our Conversation With Alpana Dutta

    July 30, 2018

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    What can one possibly say about leaders that have not been said before?

    Well, to say the least, people who can inspire and move others to progress and development besides continuing to be top performers themselves, are true leaders. People who can journey with others, grow with others, win with others, and even fall with others.

    At Darwinbox, we have always looked up to individuals of merit and capability for inspiration to our product as well as ideology. And that is exactly where the idea for ‘Dialogue with Darwin’ was born. This brand new series powered by Darwinbox brings together industry leaders and veterans under one roof for an exclusive series of conversations about the disruptions, innovation, and developments in the world of HR.

    For episode one, we had the pleasure to catch up with Mrs. Alpana Dutta, Partner, EY. With almost two decades of experience in dealing with HR under her belt, she currently heads the HR consulting business for South Asia.

    Here are some of the major touch points of our conversation with her:

    1. Relevance, through Reimagination:

    Through the course of its development journey, an organization encounters many points that act as triggers for the transformation of the HR framework using technology. While this can be broken down into infinite sub-stages, and be influenced by a whole gamut of factors too, the major ones include process redesign, manpower optimization, exponential scaling, and a change in business model. Such transformations enable a quantum jump and facilitate the reimagination HR needs today to stay relevant.

    2. “Anyone relevant deserves a seat at the table”:

    Any transformation in the way Human Resource Management is done has a huge impact on the overall organizational framework too. This makes HR a critical component of the think tank of the organization and helps settle the long-raging debate of HR deserving a seat at the table. Anyone relevant and impactful deserves a seat at the table. It is also important for other HR's to speak the language of the business, work collaboratively and not as a functional silo. Only then can they truly understand and measure metrics for business growth.

    3. Modern-day HR- Powered by Technology:

    Technology can make HRs more intelligent & effective. It helps to add the much needed human touch while bringing agility to the process by taking away what is mundane and routine. Technology has proven to boost efficiency by helping HR to discover time they never knew existed! With this newly discovered bandwidth, HR managers can understand the hotspots that demand their attention. Another thing that technology has brought to the table is mass personalization and the ability to exercise creative intelligence for better engagement and results.

    4. Women In Leadership: Diversity & Inclusion:

    This is a topic that needs no introduction. While scaling greater heights in your career graph comes with its own challenges for everyone, women as a community have to go a little extra mile to claim the recognition they deserve. Even though organizations today are proactively taking measures to ensure that it does not happen, a lot is yet to be done. The key is to remove bias and build a diverse and sensitive ecosystem for the overall betterment of the business. But what’s going to make your efforts for diversity fruitful, is inclusion.

    Together, we must strive to make freedom, appreciation, and responsibility possible while putting merit first.

    While that was a very brief highlight of the power packed session; you can watch the full video here:

    Also, stay tuned for more episodes’ takeaways on our blog!

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