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    35 Perfect Retirement Gift Ideas To Bid a Heartfelt Goodbye

    June 6, 2022

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    Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines retirement as “withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from active working life.” For a retiring individual, retirement can feel like shedding skin and looking to fit into another.

    More important than deciding what to do next with all that relaxation time that is headed their way is to celebrate the time that retirees have spent with an organization, the years of effort, the hours of time they have poured into their daily work lives. People completing their tenures at work is a joyous occasion. It marks the history an employee has had with the company and helps mark a day of giving gratitude to the retiring individual. 

    A celebratory luncheon, a party, or even a dinner could be a nice way to commemorate this last day that the retiring individual gets to spend with their coworkers at their place of work. However, something that would pair extremely well with this celebration is a retirement gift that the retiree can cherish forever.  

    With this article, we are going to cover some of the most innovative and considerate retirement gift ideas that will help you bid a heartfelt goodbye to your esteemed employees. 

    Personalized and Engraved 

    People love to receive gifts that have a personal twist. These are far more meaningful than gifts that have just been bought off the shelf, and hence personalized, monogrammed, or engraved retirement gifts are a top-tier option. For instance, you could get them: 

    #1 Glass or Gold Foil Plaque 

    With commercial web stores all over the internet, we have everything available online with the click of a button. One option to shop for would be to get plaques of appreciation for your employee. These come in a glass finish, wood, and even gold foil.  

    These can be personalized to multiple sizes and words of appreciation can be added to the same. In fact, there are a lot of vendors selling handcrafted wooden plaques these days that can actually carve out the picture of the employee on the same. 

    #2 Custom Engraved Watches 

    We all know that wristwatches aren’t just gadgets that tell time. We all have a wristwatch that carries immense sentimental value. And here’s a chance for you to get one for your employee who is nearing retirement.  

    This watch, preferably belonging to a renowned series of a renowned brand, when engraved and gifted to the retiree will act as a thoughtful gift that carries tremendous value. 

    #3 Monogramed Decanter Sets 

    Fancy parties, family get-togethers, and celebratory dinners have one thing in common – The presence of alcohol. A personalized and monogrammed decanter set is a classy retirement gift that is both useful and memorable. It’ll be an important fixture at home for the retiree and be an inexpensive gift to pay for as well. 

    #4 Antique Clocks 

    Whether it is a wall clock or a table clock, one that is engraved with a message would carry twice as much meaning as one that doesn’t. Clocks are a timeless and elite option for a retirement gift. Antique clocks form a pleasing aesthetic that everyone would like. This is a great option for people who like to be wary of the time all the.. well, time.  

    #5 Personalized Mugs of Memorabilia  

    As much as mugs are handy when one wants to drink a tea or a coffee, or a beer if you’re feeling thrifty, they are also special containers that carry something more than just beverages – they carry memories. There are a variety of mugs out there that can be personalized to display heartfelt messages or staff photographs. A photo collage or a goodbye message would also make for a goodbye that is deeply felt. 

    #6 Monogramed Set of Bathrobes 

    This is a gift for the retiree and their partner as well. Bathrobes monogrammed with the names of the couple with their names or their initials is an outstanding retirement gift idea. It makes for an elegant gift item that can be used in the daily routine, and hence, is a meaningful piece of memorabilia.  

    #7 Name a Star After Them 

    No gift could be as surreal as a star named after a person. Imagine the person gathering all their friends and family to show that they have made their mark on a major celestial piece of the galaxy. Therefore, a unique addition to this list would be one of naming a star after the retiree. Better yet, you could get the declaration of their name framed and gift it to them so they have a tangible (and quite frankly, reachable), present that they would love to show everybody they know. 

    #8 A Monogramed Journal 

    "Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding." – Jen Williamson 

    Another great idea for a retirement gift for your employee would be to get them a monogrammed journal. A monogramed journal is one of the most desirable retirement gifts of all. Through this journal they can jot their thoughts, keep an account of information, and well, do whatever they would like in it. 

    #9 Personalized Metal Bookmark 

    For avid readers and for tab-keepers, the gift of a good bookmark can be a blessing. Personalizing this bookmark with an engraved message, their initials, or a quote will make for an unbelievably valuable gift that the retiree would highly appreciate.  

    #10 Wood Carved Wine Box 

    The best gifts always involve wine (the capacity might vary). A wood-carved box with premium wine is an amazing gift for the person to whom you’re bidding goodbye. Etsy has a premium wine box selection that can be personalized with a message, name, or initials.  

    Hand-crafted And Sustainable 

    This category is both guilt-free and inspiring all on its own. Within this category you will learn about all the eco-friendly and sustainable gift options that are as desirable to the retirees as they are healing for the environment. So here goes: 

    #11 Handcrafted Cufflinks 

    Gifting, or even buying something handcrafted uplifts small businesses and also makes gifts seem more meaningful in the process. Handcrafted cufflinks, in particular, are a valuable gift that are also an artistic expression. These will always be a unique addition to the retiree’s wardrobe. Most sources also give you options to engrave and personalize these cufflinks which is what makes this gift even more special. 

    #12 Sustainable Stationery 

    Sustainable stationery is not just hype, it is also a way for people to look after the generation that is about to join us. A retirement gift basket packed with sustainable stationery products will include travel journal, handmade pen stand, a planner, paper tape, plantable notebooks, sustainable pencils, notebooks made from stones rather than wood, would be a very helpful not to mention eco-friendly option for retirement gift-giving.  

    #13 Handwoven Picnic Basket 

    For the travelers, trekkers, and the picnic goers, a useful and eco-friendly retirement gift option would be one for a handwoven picnic basket. Modern Picnic baskets, especially the handwoven ones are keep things quite organized and keep the food within quite fresh. Thus, this might be one of the best retirement gift ideas in this list. 

    Memorable-because-they-are-funny Gifts 

    What’s funny is always memorable. Here are some funny retirement gifts that as likely to draw attention as they are to draw a laughter: 

    #14 Personalized Newspaper Clipping  

    Out of some very innovative ideas, we have hand-picked this one for its originality. To have a newspaper clipping declaring that you have completed your tenure at the company and are being appreciated for the same will be an honor for the retiree to receive. However, the reason why we have put it in the funny gifts section is how this gift will come with personalization options with which you can add funny anecdotes and personal snippets of the retiree from their time at your organization.  

    #15 Wine That “Pairs Best With Retirement” 

    As retirement gifts go, wine is one of the most premium choices. Hence a wine bottle with a customizable label that can be customized will be a particularly special gift. Therefore, wine bottles that come with a customized label saying, “Pairs best with retirement” (or you know, anything else) would be great. 

    Vacationing and Relaxation Gifts 

    Retirement packages that promote vacations and relaxing time are actually a really thoughtful if not liberating gift for retirees. Here are some examples of how you can give time off to employees that are entitled to this time off. 

    #16 Vacation Packages 

    People retiring have spent most of their years committed to a profile, a desk, an organization, and their duties. Ut a vacation can help retirees ease into the life of retirement. This helps people get acclimatized to the workings of people who are going to get off work and be all on the family train, which is also the train that will stop on the platforms of engagement, passions, and more. 

    #17 Spa Retreats 

    A spa retreat could be just as good if not the best option for a retirement gift. It will give the retirees a place to get acclimatized to their newfound freedom while also give a new start to their time off work. It’ll set a precedent for them that dictates easy and flexible living. 

    Health and Wellness: Lifetime Memberships to Clubs and Stuff

    An even better gift for retirees to initiate a life of wellness and health are with gyms, country clubs, and an access to an outlet for their hobbies.  

    #18 Country Clubs 

    Another great, not to mention, invaluable retirement gift would be giving the retirees access to country clubs, wellness retreats for life. This would give them opportunities to rejuvenate and recoup whenever they want. This is a gift that every employee would love to receive, and it will also show them how much the organization cares for their wellbeing. 

    #19 Gyms 

    Another access retirees would love is the one of a gym. A wholistic gym that permits, teaches, engages people with health and fitness workouts like yoga, aerobics, Pilates, swimming, would be an exceedingly thoughtful gift that the retirees would love to receive.  

    #20 Access To Airport Lounges 

    Make travel a luxurious experience for your exiting employees by giving them cards that allow them various perks, especially one that give them access to airport lounges. 

    Send Them Annual Reminders 

    We are always looking for entertainment that comes in small packages and big bites. This would be an especially great deal for people who are looking at a lot of free time 

    #21 Books  

    A really cool way to honor your retirees through valuable gifts would be to get them a monthly subscription for books. This retirement gift idea would be best for your employees who love to read (and even the ones who write).  

    #22 Yearly Journals 

    This is a particularly great gift for people who like to document all that is going on in their lives. In fact, this would be a really special gift for retirees who are looking to engage in new experiences, as it would help them relive everything later in life through the yearly journals that you give to them as presents.  

    #23 OTT Platforms 

    Since entertainment and consistency have such a strong bond with each other, another idea for a great retirement gift would be access to a lifetime subscription to the most popular OTT platforms. 

    #24 Annual Gift Cards 

    Automation is a piece of tech that works not only for engaging teams but also for retirees. Set reminders and automate the sending of gift cards for websites like Amazon for a retiree’s retirement period. This could be an annual or a biannual affair. IT is a plan that will bring a smile to the faces of retirees and also help you maintain brand awareness. 

    An Ode To Healthier Living 

    There are some things that we really need but we will not buy them for ourselves. The same is the case with folks who are going to exit the gates of the office. Retirees are people who are looking at a lot of free time on their hands, and this can be time well used if they spend some of it on self-care. Here are some retirement gift ideas that contribute to health, wellness and self-care: 

    #25 Smoothie Maker 

    It goes without saying that Smoothies are nutritious food components and a great, not to mention, healthy alternative to a heavy breakfast. A smoothie maker or a Nutri blender would be a great addition to the kitchen of people who are looking to take a beat and put their primary focus on their health. 

    #26 Baking Oven 

    For retirees who are looking to indulge in some new and healthy hobbies, the gift of a baking oven is a great gift idea. Baking ovens are the medium to cook sweet as well as savory delicacies that are as healthy as they are delicious, hence making this an excellent gift choice.  

    #27 Mini Fridge  

    Another thoughtful gift for retirees could be one of the mini fridge. A mini refrigerator is a portable device that can store a lot of stuff and can be kept in any room. This would become a highly accessible way for retirees to store and retrieve cool beverages and snacks on the go. This one might not stand for everything healthy, but it does stand for convenience.  

    #28 Kitchen Scale 

    With everyone becoming more health conscious with every passing day, people are looking into not just what they are eating but also into how much they are eating. A kitchen weighing scale is quite a popular gift idea. 

    #29 Slow Rice Cooker 

    Another great idea for the chefs among your employees and ones who are quite health conscious would be the gift of a slow cooker or a rice cooker. This is a great idea for people who are trying to walk on the healthier path and also want to make cooking as easy as possible. 

    #30 Waffle Maker 

    Another retirement gift idea that is as appealing as it is thoughtful, is the one of a waffle-maker. Waffles make up for the best breakfast option (and also dinner, when you’re having breakfast for dinner). Waffles can be a delicacy that one can only have when they are out for brunch, so it is a good idea to provide a waffle maker to the retiree right where they live, so they can have delectable waffles anytime from the comfort of their homes. 

    #31 Fitbit 

    Moving away from sugary delights, let’s discuss a retirement gift idea that promotes and encourages fitness on the fly. A Fitbit helps track and document everything from sleep patterns to blood pressure, which is an insanely good way to keep tabs on health, therefore, making the Fitbit one of the best retirement gifts to exist. 

    #32 Juicer 

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? How about one takes an intake of multiple fruits in one go? An overdose of health is what that would be. And hence, the gift of a juicer that helps you get a fresh glass of juice whenever you want would be an amazing retirement gift. 

    #33 Air Fryer 

    For the foodies, the idea of giving an air fryer would be ideal. No compromise on taste while also taking care of fats and calories at the same time is a win-win. Hence, it makes it to this list of health-oriented gift ideas for retirement. 

    For Massages and Mimosas  

    For retirees, it would be a generous idea to give the gift of healing. Make sure that healing and relaxing is all that they have to look forward to after retirement with the following ideas: 

    #34 Car-fitted Neck and Back Massager 

    A good massage is always a rejuvenating process for the body. Bring this healing medium to the retirees to the comfort of their travels by gifting them a car-fitted massager that doubles as a back and a neck massager and gives comfort to people, while they look forward to reaching their destinations. 

    #35 Massage Chair 

    The gift everyone (even the employees who aren’t retiring) would be excited about is one of a massage chair. The retirement gift of a remote-controlled massage chair that massages and eases all muscles of the back, calves, and shoulders is one that does not even require my endorsement. So, if you are looking to give the retirees a gift that would help them ease their backs, this might be the best option. 

    To Summarize 

    Retirement gifts are a necessary piece of offering that every retiree should be entitled to. In its natural form, a retirement gift is a title of endearment, a souvenir and a piece of nostalgia that the person is allowed to carry as a badge of honor throughout their life. These 35 retirement gift ideas will help you choose one that is within the budget and feels fitting for honoring and cherishing your exiting employees. 

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