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    Revolutionizing The Power Of Mobility #PossibilitiesAreEndless

    October 26, 2018

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    From ordering food online to booking a cab, from shopping for clothes to searching for the best restaurant in town, smartphones have basically nailed it everywhere. Since past 10 years, or so mobile has taken over the complete landscape. But how close are you to being able to have a technology on smartphones that can simplify your needs even at your workplace?

    Darwinbox’s comprehensive, powerful and agile mobile solution is designed to empower enterprises and take user adoption to unprecedented heights. With speed, efficiency, and convenience, employees can now stay connected to the organization anywhere and anytime.And with modules that cater to every strategic & functional aspect of HR management, the whole game can change for your HR Tech.Explore how you can reduce effort, increase productivity, and discover time for great things by accessing all the functionalities of our web application on mobile.


    Here are some of the things Darwinbox on mobile can do for you:

    Referral: You can now find the current openings at your organisation on mobile and thus, share the referral link through any of the social channels as a message or email to a particular person or group using your smartphone. You also have the benefit to check the status of your referrals on mobile.

    Performance Management:You can now define your goals, and enjoy the power of feedback continuously and in real time. With the performance journal on mobile, extensive performance management is possible without any hassles! Job interview or project meetings feedback is as good as it is quick. With mobile, now you can share feedback real-time and create a culture of accountability at your workplace. The readily available conversational feedback on mobile makes the application even more fascinating.

    Voicebot:Now we have made it even more easier for you at work by removing touch and time. No matter what action, all you have to do is just ask Darwin! Not only does it reduce time to action, gives you access to intelligence, and increase process adherence, it also helps your employees be more engaged. All you have to do it say what you need and Darwin will do it for you. You can now experience the power of AI and ML at the disposal of your workforce.

    Time and Attendance:Time and attendance management is now made much simpler with our new mobile solution, where you can check the complete attendance view in the list format on mobile and update attendance or apply for leaves with just a single click. You also have the pleasure of keeping track on the list of holidays, along with the current leaves balances. Be it leaves or attendance adjustment, we've got your back! Get the simplest of your worries sorted with the daily clock-in and leave application on mobile. If you’re stepping out of office for work just mark your attendance by sharing your location.

    Reimbursement:Don't let the bills pile up anymore. Apply for reimbursement as soon as you encounter the expense. With OCR,  this is now made easier than ever. You can also attach the slips or scan your bills directly or take a picture on your mobile, and the system itself will capture the needs of items and process the flow. Isn’t it as easy as it can be?

    Request and Task:Check the status of the request/task assigned to you and keep track of the complete workflow and the respective owners. Let there be no one waiting for you to approve their request once you reach office as you can clear all your task and request on mobile. You can also see the status of the request that you have made directly, eg: leave request, feedback request, etc. You can also check if any task is assigned to you, and then mark the workflow of it. It basically helps you in tracking a complete task flow and the respective owners.

    Noticeboard:Publish items on the noticeboard via mobile and make things transparent across your organisation.

    Pulse:Start your day by sharing how you feel at work just with the click of a button.

    Employee Directory:With the entire company directory available on mobile, you can access all the necessary employee information at the tip of your fingers.

    HR Letters & Documents:All your HR policies, letters, payslips, and other HR documents can be requested or self-generated on mobile.  You can select a year and the dates around it to filter your needs.

    With Darwinbox mobile application, possibilities are endless in the HR tech space and are highly driven towards making life simpler at work. Schedule a Demo to know more on all the exciting features we have on mobile.

    Stay tuned for more updates coming soon on mobile!

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