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    The Other Side Of The Table - In Conversation With Anjali Bansal

    March 6, 2019

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    in conversation with Anjali Bansal

    Having Anjali Bansal, (Non-Executive Chairman, Dena Bank & Chair, Investment Council, Woman Entrepreneurship Platform- Niti Aayog) for the sixth episode of our thought leadership series - Dialogue With Darwin, brought a new, fresh perspective to the conversation. We had the privilege of learning from her insight and understanding the expectations of the board committee from the CHROs of today and so much more.

    Here are the highlights from the conversation compiled exclusively for you:

    The Expectation from HR:

    According to Anjali, boards are recognizing the fact that culture and talent are two key enablers for the success of a business. Thus, the board’s expectation from the HR today is not just to be a business partner but a real enabler for the success of the organization. She also emphasized on the point that today HR has a platform to bring in strategic priorities into the board's agenda and they should focus more on doing it right.

    Perspective on HR: 

    Anjali mentions how HR has a lot of interest from the board. According to her, there is already a seat at the table that exists just for HR, it just needs to be discovered and occupied. Also, talent and performance are always on the board’s agenda. And the more people & culture-oriented boards want to listen from their CHROs at least once a year. She also added saying, HR should take more initiatives in partnership with the CEO on the issues of culture. Because, “If performance management is the hardware, culture is the software of the company, it can be a tremendous enabler for innovation, diversity & inclusion.” Culture eliminates the need to wield a heavy stick.

    Diversity Ratio & Delivery Rate:

    CHROs need to set a benchmark on the diversity ratio. Setting an aspirational goal, taking it to the board, and then asking for support should be the way forward. If CHRO takes charge it reduces a lot of CEO’s burden and makes everyone look good in the management too. A high performing organization with a strong culture - not just of performance but integrity, diversity, inclusion is an attractive employer. And all of these not only enhance the brand’s image as an employer but go a long way in reducing attrition, increasing retention and making it attractive for millennials.

    Anjali BansalIn fact, Anjali mentions how she would be glad if all men were asked this question! Because she understands that even men donot have it easy and rosy when it comes to maintaining a balance between work life and personal life.

    While these were the key takeaways from our conversation with Anjali, here is the video for you to watch the full version.

    Watch this space for more such highlights!

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