The Power of HR Technology: 'Touch-Free' Attendance

May, 29 2020

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As organizations transition to a 'new normal' post lock down,  know about some of the best HR tech enhancements by HRMS providers to help you navigate through the COVID crisis

While the lockdown relaxations bring some relief to most businesses, we are all still in a conundrum on how to keep business operations normal and how to balance the interest of our employees’ safety, whilst also focusing on productivity and maintaining a strong balance sheet.

With strict guidelines from the central government, it is of utmost importance that organisations maintain ‘social distancing’ and empower employees with the best technology and tools to ensure their health & wellbeing is a top priority, as they return to work. In these unusual times, adaptability is key, and having a human capital management system that can foresee needs and provide feasible solutions is the need of the hour for most organisations. 

In an attempt to help 350+ of our clients brave this storm, we at Darwinbox have done just that! With new features such as virtual ID cards with QR codes, multiple shift allocations, easy shift change requests, etc., we have introduced product enhancements that can make your return to work as safe and simple as possible. For an in-depth understanding of these features make sure to read our previous blog.

Furthermore, it becomes evident that physical contact and maintaining hygiene standards especially in the communal areas of the workplace are now becoming a pain point for businesses. Physical punches for attendance is one such example where employees successively touch the machine, thereby increasing the risk of spreading the infection However, with Darwinbox, you can now systematically eradicate physical attendance punches! Here's presenting, our new 'Touch-Free' Attendance features:

1. Geo-Tagging with Facial Recognition:

In order to make the technology that is already so indispensable in our lives, all the more integral to continue working safely and smoothly, our Facial Recognition feature can be integrated with Geo-Tagging to give your employees a completely ‘touch-free’ attendance punching experience.

How it works:

With the Geo-Tagging feature, organizations can not only geo-tag or geo-fence an employee to a particular location radius to limit the range under which attendance punches are acceptable but you can also keep track of employee movement thereby limiting travel. This is especially useful for employees who will be travelling on work.

Once the employee is within the pre-defined location radius, a second factor of authentication- Facial recognition can be added, where he or she can do a facial scan on their own mobile device. It's that easy! 

2. Virtual Check-Ins (Mobile and Web):

It has become a priority for organisations to ensure effective compliance with social distancing norms to safeguard employees from any threats and create a risk-free working environment. Therefore, as the name suggests, with Darwinbox employees can now virtually check-in on their desktop or mobile devices without having to touch any physical biometric check-in devices. 

How it works:

Employees can simply toggle to the check-in option on their desktop or mobile device and the platform will automatically take an action stamp of the employee’s current location. The employee can then simply mention the particulars under the message option and provide the work station location. 

This is captured on the system in real-time, giving the employee’s direct manager information about his/her reportee’s whereabouts.


3. IP restrictions with Clock-In (Mobile and Web):

With employees working in multiple shifts post lockdown, keeping track of each employee’s work and productivity levels becomes tricky. However, Darwinbox’s IP Restricted Clock-ins provide a 360-degree solution for this problem. This feature allows organization to maintain certain IP restrictions in order to validate any virtual attendance punches throughout the day. 

How it works:

The clock-in feature can be utilized for 3 scenarios: Fieldwork, Work From Home, and Office. With just 2 taps, employees can now differentiate between the type of clock-in for attendance for that day.

For a WFH shift, the employee simply has to do a virtual punch in with Home as the location of work. Further, the employee will also be able to mention the planned activities for the day while they clock-in and also mention what they achieved that day while they clock-out. This information is shared directly with their managers, making it easier to keep track of their reportees and productivity levels of their teams.

Similarly for Fieldwork clock-ins, employees can mention the exact location along with the planned activities for the day. This helps in keeping a track of not only the work done by an employee but also the different locations the employee has visited. 

As for Office shifts, the employee would simply clock-in with the location specifications of the premises in order to avoid unnecessary contact with any physical biometric check-in devices.

4. IMEI No. (Mobile):

In order to give you another later of authentication, with Darwinbox organizations can now also block multiple attendance punches from different mobile devices in order to restrict the number of employees in a given location/site and also ensure there are no fraudulent attendance activities.

How it works: 

When an employee virtually checks-in via, their mobile handset’s UDID number is automatically saved in the system. Now, the employee would not be able to log in with the same credentials on any other mobile device. This will help in maintaining transparency in terms of attendance punches while also restricting multiple check-ins.

Here's a product walkthrough of our virtual attendance punches:



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