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    Unveiling Darwinbox Engage: Listen, Decode, Act

    September 1, 2023

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    Mobile phone showing Darwinbox Engage in employee listening mode

    We are excited to announce the launch of Darwinbox Engage, our state-of-the-art employee listening solution. Darwinbox Engage helps you cut through the noise, truly listen to your employees, and act on the insights so you can nurture a more engaged and productive workforce.

    Over 77% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work, according to a report by Gallup. In fact, according to the State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report,employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity.”

    So, how are organizations dealing with this challenge? To answer this question, one must first understand that today’s employees want to be treated as distinct individuals. Millennials and Gen Z employees increasingly expect more opportunities to express their opinions. Businesses today must have a better knowledge of the demographic that believes, feels, and acts differently from the previous generations. This is where employee experience or EX comes into the picture. Employee experience is how workers assimilate and interpret their interactions with their organization.

    The most effective employee experience strategies are built on the foundation of employee listening. A solid employee listening strategy can help organizations collect timely feedback at key moments throughout the employee lifecycle.

    Intentions are in place, but most organizations still struggle with employee engagement because :

    1. Listening in context is tough: Most platforms find it challenging to identify the right moments to listen to employees to capture genuine feedback.
    2. Separating the important signals from the noise is complicated: While the platforms can create a sea of data, the majority are not equipped to precisely identify what the problem is.
    3. Listening without action turns into silence: One of the biggest reasons why employee engagement strategies fail is because of the perceived inaction by the management on the feedback. Not only is this discouraging but it also leads to erosion of trust among the employees.

    Introducing Darwinbox Engage

    Darwinbox Engage is the latest offering from the company that made HR Tech exciting again. Designed with the evolving world of work in mind, this employee listening solution goes beyond the traditional offerings.

    Darwinbox Engage is a comprehensive employee engagement package. It combines a powerful employee survey engine and a definable engagement index with the ability to create action plans that can target the engagement pain points with surgical precision. Darwinbox Engage is the last piece of the employee engagement puzzle.

    However, the true strength of Darwinbox engage resides in its ability to integrate seamlessly with every crucial business process right from onboarding to exit through Darwinbox’s core module. For the end user this translates into a smooth employee listening exercise throughout the employee lifecycle without the usual hassles associated with point solutions. Say goodbye to the absence of 360-degree view, data silos, requirement of additional IT support, etc. With ready access to employee data such as candidate profile, aspirations, personal data, performance data, etc. Darwinbox Engage allows you to devise razor-sharp action plans.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of features that make Darwinbox Engage an invaluable device for employee engagement:

    Deploy Powerful Surveys To Unlock Critical Employee Insights

    Employee engagement surveys have always been valuable for organizations of all sizes. When conducted thoughtfully, they can provide insights that can help organizations improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. However, their effectiveness is often hampered by a variety of factors, including asking the wrong questions, time taken to deploy the survey, etc. Darwinbox Engage addresses all of the prevalent challenges. 

    Powerful surveys can be created and deployed within seconds from a comprehensive library of survey templates for every need backed by a rich library of more than 25 question types. The survey question themselves are conversational which ensure a higher response rate. The seamless integration into business processes as well as the ability to deploy surveys across multiple channels helps you monitor the pulse of your workforce continuously. 

    Convert Data Points Into Actionable Insights With Engagement Index

    The engagement index is crucial in measuring employees' emotional commitment, motivation, and overall satisfaction toward their work and the organization. It usually involves assessing job satisfaction, communication, career growth opportunities, work-life balance, and aligning personal and company values. 

    The personalized engagement framework offered by Darwinbox Engage lets you define engagement as per your organization with configurable engagement formulas, indicators, and key themes. With our solution, you have the unique ability to configure key engagement indicators, themes, and sub-themes. The Engagement Index also lets you do a granular comparison of engagement scores across time duration and attributes.

    Darwinbox Engage also makes use of AI to narrow down and identify the precise problem area with AI-powered features such as Impact Analysis which can help in identifying the exact focus areas. AI-based Qualitative Analysis can also decode the emotional tone of comments and identify the most talked about topics.

    Turn Insights into Actions with Action Plans

    One of the most significant factors contributing to employee engagement surveys needing to be fixed is the inaction following a survey. It’s great to gather data, but simply sitting on it will only lead to further disengagement and, worse, a trust deficit with your employees. Darwinbox Engage helps you create an action plan curated to target the precise engagement pain point.

    Darwinbox Engage helps you create action plans right from the engagement dashboard. You can also tag action plans to the themes targeted through them as well as link respective workflows to the action plan. Most importantly, Darwinbox Engage lets you continuously track the progress of the action plan and calibrate it as required.


    Darwinbox Engage marks a significant leap forward in enhancing employee engagement and organizational success. With the pressing need to address employee disengagement and its economic consequences, our state-of-the-art employee listening module aims to revolutionize how businesses perceive and respond to their workforce's needs.

    Go from echoes to action with Darwinbox engage. Sign up for a demo today!

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