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    On Vision, Values, and Empowering HR - In Conversation with Suresh Anubolu

    February 19, 2019

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    On Vision, Values, and Empowering HR - In Conversation with Suresh Anubolu

    For the episode-5 of our thought leadership series- Dialogue With Darwin, we had the pleasure to catch up with a leader who holds more than 15 years of experience in HR under his belt, and is currently the CHRO of GVK BIOSciences - Suresh Anubolu Through the course of this conversation, he takes us through his breakthrough innovation, and valuable insight about a myriad of topics ranging from his career choices to the importance of guiding an org transformation with vision, values and more.

    Here are some of the major touch points of our conversation with him:

    Evolving as a leader: The Journey

    According to Suresh, HR as a career has always been a choice for him. Talking about the evolution he says, the biggest transition that happened to him was to realize a purpose and meaning to his life which made him discover his contribution to the society as a whole. It was his firm desire to build great organizations from India, which is also one major reason for him to move from an IT MNC to GVK BIO, a leading Contract Research & Development Organization – CRDO that services the global Biopharma industry.

    Takeaways for HR- On Setting vision & values for the company

    Vision -

    • HR should seed ideas driven by a need for change.
    • Active involvement and inclusion of the CEO is something HR should focus on.
    • Including the entire organization in the transformational journey is important and imperative.

    Values -

    When it comes to values of an organization, aiming to cultivate these values across the workplace is most obvious yet so crucial. As it leads to building the framework of values the organization wants to achieve in the future as well; which will eventually contribute to achieving the org vision as a whole.

    Significance of Job Architecture Framework:

    Suresh in his interview shared with us, how having a foundation framework for HR was a challenge initially and how he transformed it to an advantage later by creating a global job architecture framework. Here are a few of the merits that it possess:

    • Creating a foundation for HR practices at GVK BIO.
    • Labeling and grading helped by reducing the no. of layers which added a Cost advantage and a better workforce.
    • Identifying high performer in the org, by defining competencies.
    • With streamlined levels and grades, compensation planning has improved drastically.
    • Being able to baseline with the market better
    • Reduces the overall compensation cost.

    Going beyond the functional competency framework:

    Unfortunately, true leaders aren’t always easy to identify. Therefore, hiring niche talent is not that simple as the candidates might not always fit your existing competency framework. Also, for some leaders, it is often beyond the profit motto. So when it comes to GVK BIO, Suresh says, he majorly focuses on 3 things while hiring such talents:

    • Purpose and passion.
    • Clarity in thoughts.
    • Energy to energize people around.

    Rapid fire-question:

    suresh anubolu

    While that was a very brief highlight of the power packed session; you can watch the full video here.
    Stay tuned for more episodes’ takeaways on our blog!

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