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    A Smart Attendance Management System to Record Real-Time Attendance

    July 18, 2021

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    Attendance recording is among the crucial human resource management practices followed by every organisation. It is time to say goodbye to the cumbersome process of recording attendances, tackling leaves, and informing employees about attendance policies.

    By choosing the right attendance management software, you can create an automatic attendance system to manage work schedules, shifts, and leaves and get relieved from performing cost, effort, and time-intensive HR activities.

    Why do organisations need an effective attendance management system?


    Recording attendances manually incurs time and expenditure. Organisations also suffer from indirect costs that arise from fraudulent punches and human errors in tracking attendance.

    Transparency in attendance tracking plays a vital role in gaining deep insights into how employees have spent their working hours. It is difficult for the HR department to capture the diversified attendance of all employees working in different time zones, rotational shifts, and locations, grace periods, flexi timings, on-duty approvals, and distinct leave policies.

    The attendance system software is needed to enhance the attendance accuracy and visualise the attendance data of each individual in the organisation to evaluate their performance. The software communicates centralised HR policies to employees to effectively manage attendance marked in multiple remote locations. 

    Integrating the right attendance management software in its operations helps an organisation calculate leave balances, overtime, and payrolls and enables HR managers to improve efficiencies and work effectiveness.

    What are the essential features of attendance management software?

    A robust HRMS includes significant features allowing personalisation of attendance and leaves and strengthening HR managers’ performance with effective and efficient attendance and leave management to get compelling and integrated HR outcomes.



    Single view functionality

    One of the significant features of the attendance management software is to facilitate HR managers to see the schedule of all employees in one place. Thus, you can better manage employee shifts.

    Simplified biometric integrations

    The HR employees perform crucial organisational activities from hiring employees to managing them and paying them for their contribution. The software allows free information flows from biometric machines or attendance systems to payroll modules. It avoids hassle-free attendance tracking to integrate payroll and attendance functions.

    Geotagging attendance feature

    This feature simplifies the HR process of managing attendance and tracking employees. It helps in maintaining attendance records and details of employee whereabouts. Employees mark attendance on software once they enter worksites or buildings. It allows managers to track the location of the employee and the route traveled by them.

    Attendance management software also helps keep an eye on employees by tracking wrong attendance entries and absenteeism.

    Employee accessibility

    The software provides free access to employees to look at their profiles and attendance records. It avoids hectic HR processes to resolve queries of each employee relating to attendance. In case of any wrong entries or forgetting time-out details, the employee can provide the necessary details and place a request on their personal profile for the manager’s approval.

    Employees can access software based on the below framework:

    Clock–in IP restrictions: The feature is applicable for employees working at offices, at home, and in the field. For instance, in Darwinbox software, the employee can confirm with managers about their clock-ins attendance by tapping twice.

    IMEI number: When employees check in on the attendance software, the UDID number gets automatically registered with the system. It prevents employees from using different mobile devices and allows touch-free attendance to avoid marking fraudulent attendance. The software enables HR managers to block multiple check-ins.

    Flexible and configurable policies

    With HRMS software, you can communicate to your employees about organisational attendance and leave structure, compensation, optional leaves, and overtime policies.

    What are the key benefits of attendance management software?

    Some of the primary benefits of attendance management software are described below.

    Improves employee engagement

    Effective attendance software consists of a social networking feature. It helps in conducting polls, designing event calendars, and initiating conversations among different interest groups. The ability to perform a live engagement survey through software helps monitor different groups and determine the organisational mood.

    Aids evaluating financial packages

    The software develops transparent HR management systems. Technology automation saves the precious time of the personnel department to resolve the workforce’s queries. Your employees can easily claim any official expenses by uploading the bills. You can eliminate the process of contacting an employee and asking them to hand over the expenditure bill.

    Encourages remote working

    Many organisations are reluctant to develop a flexible work schedule culture. The perception behind this is that employees may get busy with activities that are not related to their job.

    The software has a check-in feature that provides you a solution to embrace a remote culture where employees need to clock-in just like they do when present in the office. Geotagging and geofencing build transparency in implementing flexible work arrangements.

    Recording work hour details

    The organisation can choose from a different range for marking attendance. The employees' attendance gets marked based on location, web block, virtual ID cards, IMEI number, IP-restrictive clock-in, or biometric.

    The software also assists you in configuring leaves and managing leave requests smoothly. You can also track employees’ time-offs to calculate the average working hours and the wages and salaries due.

    Enormous data management

    The software assists HR employees in keeping a day-to-day record of every employee and accessing the same in case of need. The detailed data gets stored in the database in an organised manner. The attendance management software also maintains an employee directory. A team member can access the employee directory to get the details of teammates or other members.

    Final thoughts

    The days of manual punching and attendance registers have become needless, as new end-to-end HCM solution software is available in the market at reasonable prices. By incorporating excellent HCM solutions, your HR management will be in safe hands. The attendance management software offers you scalable HR solutions for addressing the needs of human resources. 

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