Highlights from Darwinbox’s HR ChangeMakers Club Session: FinTech Edit

July, 22 2020

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With COVID-19 impacting major sectors such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, etc, the digital payments volume linked with these sectors has also seen a significant decline. However, the pandemic has also positively affected some sectors such as online grocery stores or delivery apps, online pharmacies, EdTech platforms, OTT players etc., where we can see an uptick in adoption of digital payments during the lockdown. These new opportunities can prove to be a turning point for the FinTech sector.

To gain a better understanding of the impact, permanent changes, and learnings to carry forward for the sector, Darwinbox recently hosted CHRO’s and People leaders from across SEA, including Viki Thillai (Xendit), Pratap G (Nium), Nicole Poon (Matchmove), Thanthar Shwe (WaveMoney), as part of our HR Changemaker’s Club panel discussion.

To get a sneak-peek into the session from the panellists themselves, make sure to watch this video:

CMC-Fintech Final

We’ve also put down all the key insights from the session in the infographic below:


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