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    Get Set And Go Paperless

    November 14, 2016

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    Printed tickets to m-tickets, books to kindle, currency to cards, a lot many things in the consumer world have gone paperless and it’s time for the HR and corporates too. If not for the love of a greener world, it’s surely worth de-cluttering your desk for the merits of productivity.

    For obvious reasons like the haptic perception it creates, convenience or the authenticity it holds, paper continues to find its place in the corporates. But, even for those willing to let go off it, lack of an integrated digital alternative is what makes them stick to the paper routine.

    The scope of storage, security and access to data that this digital age offers is limitless. While it may not seem pragmatic to get rid of the entire stockpile, an effective HRMS system can surely get you these quick wins:

    HR Letters & Policy Documents: Gone are the days of printing 20 page policy documents and issuing HR letters every time an employee needs them for a bank/visa formality. Auto-generate digital HR letters for employees with a click and adopt digital sign-offs on policies from newly onboarded employees on your HRMS system.

    Reimbursements: In times when a company can be registered online, why not file reimbursements digitally. Go fully paperless with scanned bill attachments, 1-click application and approval, and top it off by doing all of this on your mobile phone.

    Hiring and Onboarding: Collaborate on candidate documents like resumes and background checks with your team, share them, refer to them real quick and for a fun fact, stop worrying about having misplaced them. More than just going paperless, digitization of candidate documentation is going to bring you the goodies like CV parsing, search and analytics.

    Forms: Interview assessment forms, exit-interview forms or everything that comes in between, take all of the digital and just admire the benefits of accessibility, contextual retrieval, submission tracking and most importantly the geeky infographics that can come out of the digitized data.

    So, there we go. Get set and shred the paper with a digital HR system!

    P.S: We cannot finish off a blog without a pitching darwinbox ;) Schedule a demo to know more.

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