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    How Darwinbox Atlas Helps Customers Unleash the True Power of People Analytics

    March 6, 2023

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    Did you know Darwinbox’s customers generated over 1 million reports on our all-in-one reporting and analytics engine – Darwinbox Atlas? Read on to find out how Darwinbox Atlas is helping enterprises create a culture of data-based decision-making.

    Darwinbox Atlas is our all-in-one reporting and analytics tool that offers an easy-to-navigate consumer-grade interface. It is the map you need to navigate the sea of data and make your way to the port of unique, actionable, data-driven insights.

    While traditional HRMS aren’t designed to deliver insights from data, Darwinbox Atlas enables you to make sense of your data and make the data-driven decisions you need to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of work.

    Here’s how Darwinbox Atlas is helping create a data culture across organizations by tackling a few of the most pressing data-related challenges faced by HR teams:

    Unifying Data: Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of databases including legacy systems to bring together all the data and create a single source of truth. 

    Prioritization: Assist business leaders with secure and personalized insights about their top opportunities and risks and drive action through AI-enabled features such as 'Smart Nudges'.

    Data Literacy: Make data insights accessible with clear narratives written in everyday language using features such as smart summaries.

    Democratization: Empower leaders at every level with access to data and insights. Persona-wise dashboards help you cut through the clutter with contextual analytics.

    AI-based Smart Analytics: Eliminate guesswork and empower leaders and HR teams with accurate AI-backed analytics that predict the risk of exit or movement, and drive action.

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    Some of the most noteworthy Darwinbox Atlas features that customers love are:

    Report Builder

    Darwinbox’s Report Builder tool can create and schedule reports on attributes, transactions, transaction summaries, forms data, custom fields, and more. Darwinbox’s security framework also allows you to apply role-based and contextual security for personalized access with different permissions for dataset creation, sharing, and publishing. You can also create persona-based module operations dashboards as per the role, and provide scope-specific insights, adoption metrics, reminders, and smart suggestions.

    Powerful Dashboards

    There are two types of dashboards built into Darwinbox Atlas – module-level operational dashboards and powerful BI summary dashboards. Both types of dashboards can provide persona-specific and curated analytics and AI-backed smart nudges to expedite any actions based on insights. Embedded within Darwinbox, these dashboards provide a seamless user experience. At the same time, features such as scheduling, push notifications, and smart summaries make insights more consumable and actionable.

    Data Lab

    Darwinbox Atlas is built to integrate data from disparate sources to provide complete and accurate people insights. All this business and people data is integrated in a central Data Lab that gets the data analysis ready and creates an extensible data analytical model for your business.

    Data can be integrated into the central Data Lab through: 

    • Pre-built connectors (iPaaS)
    • Open APIs (iPaaS)
    • Import/Export options 

    Darwinbox Sense

    Our reporting and analytics engine uses AI-based predictive modelling to provide business and HR leaders secure and personalized insights about their top opportunities and risks such as attrition risk. AI is also used to push smart nudges to persona-based dashboards to enable employees and managers to analyze and act from the same place.

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    How Can Darwinbox Atlas Help Your Business?

    Darwinbox Atlas is your map to navigating business, workplace, and workforce complexities to gain clarity. Besides unifying your people and business data, our analytics platform empowers your team to perform analysis on the fly, cut through clutter with contextual analytics, turn data into actionable insights and derive key strategic insights that will help you drive business value.

    Connect Critical Pieces With Attrition Analytics

    Empower your team to design an effective employee retention model to hold on to your most valuable talent.

    Get answers to questions like: 

    • What is attrition across divisions/business units/departments/etc.?

    • What is the attrition percentage with regards to the target?

    • What are the top reasons for people leaving the organization?

    • Who is most likely to leave the organization?

    Your Single Source of Truth for Headcount Analytics

    Stay on top of workforce planning. Make data-driven hiring decisions and find ways to improve efficiency and productivity across verticals.

    Get answers to questions like:

    • What are the headcount trends across divisions/business units/departments/etc.?

    • What are the headcount trends by gender/nationality/employee type/tenure/etc.?

    • Which department is growing the fastest?

    • What is the split between Individual Contributors and People Managers in the organization?

    Accelerate Your Pursuit of the Best Talent With Talent Acquisition Analytics

    Streamline your talent acquisition process while delivering a delightful candidate experience.

    Get answers to questions like:

    • What are the most common reasons for offer letter rejections?

    • Are there any areas where we can reduce hiring TAT?

    • What are the profile sources where the acceptance rate is low?

    • What are the key hiring focus areas?

    Bring Out the Best in Employees With Performance Management Analytics

    Get a deeper understanding of your workforce and set your business for success by empowering employees to push their boundaries every day.

    Get answers to questions like:

    • Are my critical roles performing well?

    • Is my employee base performance high enough?

    • What are the key competency gaps in the organization?

    • What is the target achievement percentage across different teams?

    How Our Customers Leveraged Darwinbox Atlas To Become More Data-Driven in 2022

    In 2022, our customers generated more than a million custom reports on Darwinbox Atlas. Take a look at a few interesting stats, find out the trends and learn which metrics were of most interest in 2022.

    Atlas Infographic

    Key Takeaways

    It is estimated that businesses today generate 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. With such astronomical amounts of data pouring in, you need a robust system that can help you navigate this sea of data and arrive safely at your destination. Darwinbox Atlas has helped our customers identify risks, uncover trends, recognize opportunities, and drill down into all their data with reporting, analytics, and visualizations.

    Move from complexity to clarity with Darwinbox Atlas. Sign up for a demo today!


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