Track Better, Act Smarter - With Our Leave & Attendance Module

July, 26 2019

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Track Better, Act Smarter - With Our Leave & Attendance Module

Managing leaves & attendance can be a herculean task if not done right. When it comes to human resources, mapping time & effort spent by them becomes even more crucial because human resources are the most precious resource you will ever own. Therefore to increase business efficiency, it is critical to avoid confusion by leveraging new-age features to ensure the best employee experience with real-time tracking of your leaves and attendance.

Darwinbox’s configurable leave & attendance module comes with a whole gamut of features required to keep a better track on the way the precious time at work is utilized by your workforce. It empowers you to work with new-age features, allowing a seamless personalization of leaves & attendance.

Here’s how you can keep it simple & get more time to do what you do well.

One-View Attendance:

With one view functionality on the product, you get to see all your reportees’ schedule at one place. Therefore, management of rosters and shifts can be done with more clarity and efficiency.

time and attendance

Personalize Shifts, Policies & Weekly offs:

Shift policies can be defined at a group or company level and you have the flexibility to handle multiple shifts in one or multiple locations. You can also raise a request for shift change available on the system.

time and attendance software

Auto-Configure Workflows:

You can now accommodate your organization’s unique time and attendance framework including comp off, over time, absconding, optional leave policies, etc by making minimal, DIY configurations to the platform.

time attendance

Seamless Attendance Sync:

The product enables you to capture attendance using web clock in, with no approval, manager’s approval, IP based restriction, geofencing, facial recognition & biometric system on-the-go. It helps in bringing the power of easy integrations & flexibility to build a culture of efficient attendance management at your workplace.

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Comprehensive Policy Frameworks:

You can now modify your leave policies based on scenarios like over-time, grace time, buffer time, early clock out, leave as per total work duration, etc. Easy attendance regularization is guided by policies.

time and attendance

Exhaustive Reports:

Reports generated on the system empower you to know metrics that influence the efficiency of your processes. Using our robust leave & attendance module you can pull out custom reports and analyze them for better workforce management.

attendance software

Mobile & Voicebot:

Darwinbox empowers you to get daily attendance update for your team by just asking for it. Yes, it is that simple! On top of that, you can apply for leaves, regularise attendance, see pending/processed attendance request, and update attendance by simply talking to our voicebot- Darwin, who will then deliver the right information in highly consumable formats.

HR Voicebot-

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