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    Making Scale Speedy With HR Technology

    September 17, 2018

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    Making scale speedy with HR technology

    As your business grows in scope and scale, so do other aspects like headcount and overall complexity of operations.

    Now in order to ensure proper governance, the creation of standard processes and workflows is a must. But this does not happen without involving the addition of excessive layers of hierarchy and approvals. Though it initially brings a sense of order and regulation, but more often than not, it is the very weight of these internal processes that prevent the organization from remaining nimble and moving fast later on.

    Soon after they scale, organizations find themselves struggling to innovate.

    As a result, they are unable to respond to the ever-changing expectations of the customer as well as the employee. Mainly because rules and policies that were set up for better administration years ago lose their sheen and relevance with time. Rather, they add to the bulky structure of people and policy management framework, and moving on is definitely not easy for the organization. But unless companies start agile, and continue to do so throughout their growth graph, they risk facing extinction.

    Therefore, speed becomes very crucial to the success of the enterprise in the current day and age.

    And it is a multitude of factors like business process automation, need to enable remote workforce & gig workers, rise of the millennial's etc, that further emphasize this need. What’s noteworthy here is the common denominator that underlines and impacts all of these developments pertaining to the org culture in general - the HR function.

    The need of the hour is to understand that it is effective human capital management that ultimately paves way for greater organization agility.

    New age HCM technologies that can be readily leveraged for driving agility from within the organization, empower the HR function to drive greater organizational goals faster and smarter.

    Over the course of building a new age, end-to-end HCM platform at Darwinbox, this much-needed agility inherently became central to all we did. As a result, we empower over a hundred leading brands all over India to stay at the top of their HCM game with our technology. Here’s a brief summary of how Darwinbox helps large organizations stay nimble:

    Configurable platform: The platform is built keeping in mind the most diverse needs of the modern enterprise. Speedy response to change is a very crucial one of them. Right from attendance regulations to org structures and goal cascading, everything can be configured on a system to deliver the best combination of process and technology that is personalized for your workforce. Therefore, there is an extensive support for speedy enablement of new and best HR practices from the platform itself!

    Know how Myntra configured their HR policies on our platform to migrate 12,000+ employees from a global solution provider to Darwinbox in under 6 weeks.

    Employee and Manager Self Service: We believe that agility begins with autonomy. Darwinbox allows your employees to be autonomous with regard to raising and approving their requests and tasks. Right from leave and attendance management to talent management, everything can be raised and resolved on system by the end user with minimal external support. This helps alleviate process bottlenecks and reduces time lag. To add to this are features like voicebot and our user-friendly mobile app that help achieve higher efficiency and reduce the turnaround time of the workflow.

    Here is how Time Internet achieved 97% process adherence during the goal setting part of their talent management cycle.

    One product: What brings our various client organizations and their even more varied use cases together, is the one unified product that catapults their HR function to super stardom. Darwinbox provides its users with a seamless experience that drastically reduces the time they need to learn and adapt. It also facilitates quicker and holistic decision making by management owing to one single view of the employee lifecycle as opposed to aggregating information from scattered and disintegrated data sets. Therefore it is this end-to-end digitization that helps organizations move much faster and remain in sync.

    Learn how GVK BIO moved from five scattered systems to one unified platform that brought better process adherence, alignment, and user satisfaction to the organization.

    Having said all that, Darwinbox’s HR platform is a single version product and that is what helps it evolve fast. Fortnightly updates to the product mean that our clients can stay at the top of their HR management game and embrace world-class technology to deliver value to their HR function and the organization: Every Single Day.

    But don’t just go by our word, here are some amazing case studies that deep dive into our clients’ use cases across sectors and industries, compiled exclusively for you!

    Do check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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