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    You Won't Believe What Your Onboarding Software Is Missing - These 7 Features Are Game-Changers!

    March 29, 2023

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    Seven features your employee onboarding software must have
    Dibyajyoti Dasgupta
    Written By
    Dibyajyoti Dasgupta

    Onboarding software plays a crucial role in providing a seamless candidate experience. Choosing the right solution is just as important, and the process can be overwhelming considering the options available. In this article, we will explore the defining features that are a hallmark of best onboarding software solutions.

    The role of an HR professional in the employee onboarding process encompasses a broad spectrum of activities from sending welcome kits, completing the paperwork and employee documentation, assigning an onboarding buddy, all the way till checking in with the employee once he/she finishes a year with the organization.

    The aim of a seamless onboarding process is to provide employees with all the tools, information, and training they would need to successfully transition into their new role and become productive members of the team. It helps set clear expectations, paves way for continuous mentoring and support while creating truly delightful employee moments that can positively impact employee engagement levels.

    What Is the Importance of Efficient Onboarding Workflow?

    The importance of an effective onboarding process can be gauged by the fact that a well-designed and efficient employee onboarding process can improve your retention rate by 82%. Besides significantly increasing the employee retention rate, seamless employee experience helps with achieving 20% higher productivity, 50% more satisfied managers, and 18x more committed employees.

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    How Software Can Help You Reinvent Employee Onboarding

    Most HR managers understand the value of providing a great onboarding experience. Yet according to a study by Gallup, only 12% employees think that their employers did a good job with the onboarding process. Some of the most common reasons for an unhappy onboarding experience include:

    • Inadequate new-hire training
    • Unusually high amount of paperwork
    • Lack of support from the reporting manager and the team
    • No access to a workstation, assets, etc.

    In most cases, these issues are often the result of process gaps in the onboarding workflow. Digitizing the onboarding process and switching to software-based solutions can resolve many of these issues. Besides closing the process gaps, onboarding software also eliminates manual intervention, breaks data silos, and reduces instances of error.

    However, choosing the right employee onboarding software can be quite a bit of challenge. This is especially true in today’s market which is saturated with near identical software solutions that offer similar features.

    So the question that arises is: how do you choose the perfect employee onboarding software? We’ll help you look beyond all the technical jargon and hyperboles and list down for you seven essential features that your employee onboarding software absolutely must have.

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    7 Must-Have Features For Your Employee Onboarding Software

    1. Personalized candidate profile: The serves as the initial point of contact for any candidate applying to your organization. This is where they will input their personal information, work experience details, employment preferences etc. Any good onboarding software should enable a candidate to create a profile that is: 

    • Personalized: Enables customization of candidate profiles with tailored learning sessions, videos, fun activities and more for each candidate, role, etc.

    • Informational: Provides all the information a candidate requires for smooth pre-boarding and onboarding

    • Contextual: Offers the right information to the right candidate based on the department, role, etc

    Some onboarding solutions take it up a notch. For example, Darwinbox provides a seamless experience where a candidate’s application page is converted into their employee profile page once they are hired, and all the individual’s data is seamlessly transferred.

    2. Hassle-free background verification: Background verification is critical to the employee onboarding process. The ideal onboarding software should have an in-built background verification framework that allows a company to partner with any vendor across multiple countries. With a structured background verification framework, you exercise full control of the candidate information that you are sharing with the vendors to ensure a seamless yet secure background verification process.

    3. Onboarding dashboard: Employee onboarding is a relatively long process and when you’re hiring in bulk, staying on top of what is happening with each candidate can be overwhelming. This is where the onboarding dashboard comes into the picture. With an onboarding dashboard, you can monitor everything from the individual’s onboarding status, date of joining, task status, candidate queries, etc.It is like your mission control board from where you can track, review status, and initiate/assign tasks for candidates – either in groups or individually. An ideal onboarding software empowers you to create customized dashboards in a DIY fashion, giving you the ability to monitor and control the end-to-end onboarding process and initiate quick actions wherever required.

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    4. Bulk onboarding features: In industries such as retail, insurance, etc. volume hiring is a norm. HR departments at these companies are expected to hire a large number of candidates within a short period of time. Not having the right software to handle this can lead to chaos and poor candidate experience. This is why you should make sure that the onboarding software you opt for is equipped with features like bulk candidate offer approval, bulk policy dissemination, onboarding summary dashboard, etc. Essentially, your onboarding software should definitely be designed and built to handle onboarding at scale.

    5. Automated workflows: One of the greatest benefits of the IT revolution has been the ability to automate mundane tasks. Why shouldn’t this be extended to your onboarding process? Invest in a software that eliminates manual intervention wherever possible. Your onboarding software should allow you to crease a series of steps or automated workflows that can be triggered either manually or through specific actions. For example, a workflow can be setup for document submission – the workflow starts with a trigger mail to candidates and ends with the administrator approving the documents.  

    6. Digital Document Management: One of the biggest hassles that both candidates and the onboarding team face is document submission. Seriously, who enjoys filling a bazillion forms in triplicate, right? A seamless digital document submission with the help of inbuilt OCRs, digital signatures, fillable PDFs etc. is not just a luxury but a necessity in the modern onboarding software.

    7. Reporting & Analytics: It is really important to analyze and understand the performance of the entire onboarding journey of candidates better. However, the reports should be accessible only to permission holders with a drill-down by multiple attributes for an effective analysis. This helps in a data-driven strategic onboarding process resulting in a way more efficient onboarding process.An onboarding software that comes with a strong analytics layer that can pull all necessary data in one place and apply advanced analytics to give contextual and actionable insights can emerge as a true game changer for organizations.

    Why Do Enterprises Prefer Darwinbox Software for Onboarding?

    Now that you have a fair idea about all the must-have features, allow us to introduce you to Darwinbox - the platform that has every single one of the above features and more. Our next-gen, innovative platform combines highly configurable workflows, intelligent insights, and smart interfaces to help enterprises unleash the true potential of their workforce. Here are a few more reason why Darwinbox will be the perfect investment for your business:

    1. The Most Cost and Effort Efficient Platform: Darwinbox helped Niva  reduce their candidate drop-off rates by 45% by engaging the candidates at a very early stage. The customized and personalized onboarding forms and workflows were key to delivering a delightful candidate experience for the insurance firm.

    2. Highly Scalable and Integrated: By effectively using Darwinbox’s plethora of onboarding features, Kopi Kenangan was able to hire over 2000 candidates rapidly. In fact, 1121 offers were rolled out within the first month of Kopi Kenangan implementing Darwinbox.

    3. Globally Compliant: Have global ambitions? Darwinbox is designed for companies that hire across multiple geographies. Our clients have onboarded candidates from over 14 countries while ensuring audit compliance, process efficiency with minimum manual effort.

     4. A True End-to-End Solution: Unlike the various point solutions available in the market, Darwinbox is a cloud-based end-to-end HR technology platform which caters to an organization’s HR needs across the employee lifecycle including Recruitment, Onboarding, Core transactions (Leaves, Attendance, Directory), Payroll, Travel and Expenses, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition and People Analytics.


     The market today is skills deficit. The war for talent will only intensify in the future. In such a scenario, organizations that invest in the right employee onboarding software will stand head and shoulders over their peers. By delivering a seamless onboarding program and delightful candidate experience not only will the attract the best talent but also overcome the larger challenge of retaining their workforce.

    Darwinbox is one of the fastest growing HCM platforms that offers you every one of the seven features mentioned here with the added advantage of an end-to-end platform. Book a demo now!







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