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    The Rising & Declining HR Trends for 2020

    January 23, 2020

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    The Rising & Declining HR Trends for 2020
    Namita Dhawan
    Written By
    Namita Dhawan

    With 2020 being the year when we’re ushering out the last decade and heralding the new one, we wanted to broaden our perspectives and ask HR leaders from varied sectors on what they feel would be the key HR trends for the coming year.

    In the latest Darwinbox video series #HR2020 featuring 15+ such industry stalwarts, we covered the HR trends that will be on the rise in 2020, and also those that will steadily decline as well.  Want to know what they are? Read on!


    Here’s the first video from the series covering the HR trends that will be on the rise in 2020:

    If you’re looking for a bite-size overview, here are the highlights:

    1. More Strategic Roles:

    There’s an HR pivot happening and its an exciting one. Majority of leaders from the HR fraternity including Manoj Sharma (SVP & CHRO, Aarthi Industries Ltd.) and Jai Balan (Head HR, Bharti AXA Life Insurance) felt repetitive tasks such as admin tasks and other transactional tasks handled by HR will soon be automated, thus freeing up precious bandwidth of HR personnel for more strategic outcomes.

    2. A New Era of Data & People Analytics:

    HR will be moving towards using a more data-driven approach to people analytics with the help of HR Tech in 2020. Raj Raghavan (Senior VP & Head of HR, IndiGo) and Subhash Menon (Chief HR & Learning, Angel Broking), feel that these solutions will empower HR teams with a plethora of data at their fingertips such as employee performance data, attrition data, and recruitment data, that can be leveraged to address areas of concern in the org’s people management strategy and also make smarter business decisions.

    3. Deeper Investment in Employee Growth:

    A sound employee development program would not just help you keep your employees engaged but would also force you to consider the future path of your organisation. Sanjay Kumar (CHRO, Apar Industries Ltd.) amongst the other HR leaders feels that HR’s role will soon be moving towards becoming counsellors, coaches and career architects with hyper personalisations. Furthermore, technology can help identify skill gaps within the company and create customised learning and development plans.

    4. Spotlight on Culture & Employee Experience:

    It is said that culture is the operating system of an organisation and our HR leaders could not agree more. Dr Ankita Singh (VP & Global Head HR, Cignex Datamatics) and Satyajit Mohanty (CHRO, Crompton Greaves) feel there will be a growing focus on employee experience and culture in 2020.

    5. Hustle & Gig:

    “Kaam Jo Tum Bole, Daam Jo Hum Bole” the infamous lines from Sholay were quoted by Subhash Menon (Chief HR & Learning, Angel Broking), who feels that given the flexibility of self-employment and the availability of gig-economy jobs, 2020 will definitely see a rise of gig workers.

    6. The Changing Face of Recruitment:

    With the advent of HR tools such as Darwinbox, the way organisations will be handling Recruitment and the overall applicant experience will get a facelift in 2020. HR Tech will help by simplifying and speeding up administrative processes, from applicant tracking to application communication, through automation, and thus significantly reducing timelines and dependencies.

    Psst! We also asked these HR leaders to share their favourite movies, watch the video to find out what they are!

    We’ve also covered the HR trends that will be on the decline in 2020, here’s the video covering it:

    HR trends for 2020

    If you’re looking for a bite-size overview, here are the highlights:

    1. The Mind-numbing Transactional & Repetitive Admin Tasks:

    With the advent of AI, HR Tech and Automation, HR will be definitely moving away from acting like a time-office keeper and spending time on transactional and repetitive tasks, which will be automated with the help of HR Tech.

    2. The Infamous Bell Curve:

    While the last 2-3 years has seen a lot of discussions around doing away with the Bell Curve, Vaibhav Goel (Head HR, Reliance Industries Ltd.) thinks 2020 will see a lot of alternative mechanisms coming into place to handle performance mechanisms thus making the Bell Curve obsolete.

    3. The Dated Annual Employee Engagement Survey:

    According to Pakzad Nussirabad (Chief People Officer, SKP Group) and Sanjay Kumar (CHRO, Apar Industries Ltd.) feel that Annual Employee Engagement Surveys are definitely a thing of the past, and 2020 will be the year a lot of organisation will be doing away with them and the action planning based on these surveys.

    4. Bye-Bye Follow-ups & Paperwork, Hello Self-Service:

    The new-age HR technology and tools have enabled self-service, and Mona Cheriyan (President & Group HR Head, Thomas Cook India Ltd.) and Sandeep Batra (Executive VP & Head HR, Vodafone Idea Ltd.) feel that this would ensure employees become more confident fetching the information they need on the go, thus allowing HR professionals to move away from tasks such as query resolution, follow-ups and spending precious bandwidth on paperwork.


    Given the penetration of new-age technology and AI in all aspects of our work lives, HR as a function is under constant evolution. While we’ve highlighted the top trends for 2020, this year also earmarks the start of the new decade, when new innovations and solutions will continue to arise.

    How do you think HR will be changing as a function in 2020? Tell us in the comment section.

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