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    Top 8 Reasons Why 2023 Was a Year of New Territory

    December 29, 2023

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    Unmesh Lamture
    Written By
    Unmesh Lamture

    2023 was a year of New Territory, defined by technological advancements and cultural phenomena, all over the world, and at Darwinbox as well. Let’s look at the top 8 reasons that made 2023 a Year of New Territory... with a bonus at the end!

    Everywhere we look in 2023, we see ourselves in new territory. The world is changing fast! So many times this year we’ve traipsed into terra incognita, propelled by groundbreaking achievements, technological advancements, and cultural phenomena.

    So let’s take a look at the top 8 instances of “new territory” this year, not just around the world, but in Darwinbox as well.

    TL;DR? Watch the 2-minute video instead!

    1. We landed on the South Pole of the Moon


    Image source: Indian Aerospace & Defence Bulletin

    India’s Chandrayaan 3 took us where humanity was yet to go, making our species’ maiden voyage to the south pole of the moon. A massive achievement for ISRO, and great step forward for the global scientific community, this foray into new territory will unveil new knowledge for all mankind.

    2. Darwinbox creates the industry’s first HR-centric LLM

    proseA.I. is here, and it’s reshaping the future of work on almost a daily basis. Within a couple of years, it will touch most, if not all, aspects of our lives. We created PROSE, a Large Language Model, to bring the benefits of A.I. to Darwinbox’s users. Trained on vast amounts of HR data, it helps our customers easily perform many critical work tasks, like identifying the best fit candidates for a job, among many other things. In short, it empowers the users to interact with the platform in a more simple, natural way and surface intelligent and contextual recommendations.

    3. Swifties break the internet… several times


    Image source: Rolling Stone

    Taylor Swift has become a phenom unlike anything since Beatlemania swept the world. How many artists can boast of a $1 billion net worth at such an age? She won back the rights to her music, and has been running rampant ever since, selling out arenas and movie halls (what a marketing genius). She is so beloved, that her fans broke TicketMaster, Instagram, and Google, causing each of the tech giants to crash at one point, and they created such an impact in one leg of the Eras Tour that it actually registered as a mild earthquake on the Richter scale. Taylor is truly the phenom of the times.

    Hop on over to watch the video!

    4. We launched our own research report, Perspectives 

    hr perspIn line with our unending mission to provide value to the HR community, we have launched a new property, “HR Perspectives”, dedicated to in-depth research and insight gathering from and about the HR industry. For its first innings, we surveyed 1500 employees and 1200 organizations to produce the biggest HR research piece in APAC. If you missed it, hop on over and read more about the findings. 

    5. A first-of-its-kind movie event, Barbenheimer 


    Image source: NBC News

    Is there anything that’s not possible with the power of memes? They truly are shaping reality. What perhaps started as a joke turned into a cultural sensation. Bear in mind, a summer blockbuster is in itself a cultural sensation for the year it releases in. Now, two incredibly huge, eagerly anticipated, and vastly different movies by two well-loved auteurs rode on the cultural significance of each other to create a veritable event. Both movies smashed the box office, and cemented their places in the popular consciousness, even beyond their own individual merit.

    6. We launched our HR 40 Under 40 awards

    HR professionals are heroes. Every day, we work to empower them to elevate their people and deliver strategic value to their business. And something we’d wanted to do for a long time was give back in a way where we can recognize the truly great work that many people leaders are doing. 2023 saw the launch of our HR 40 Under 40 awards, felicitating 40 of the best and brightest in Southeast Asia. Here’s to round two coming this year.

    Check out our year in review video!

    7. Generative A.I. is changing the game—A.I. is here to stay 

    chat gptImage source: NYT

    ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, DALL-E, Gemini… they've hogged the headlines this year. And they truly have changed the game. These incredibly powerful tools are enhancing the way we work, write, design, create, and imagine. Generative video is in its infancy, but that too will take off soon. What’s next? Perhaps jobs will require candidates to become proficient in prompt engineering. Perhaps A.I. training will become mandatory for certain kinds of knowledge professions. Perhaps human creativity will find itself a new dimension. (You’ll have to take our word on it, this article was NOT written by A.I.!)

    8. Hattrick on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and other accolades 


    Darwinbox hit its hattrick, moving up to new territory on the Magic Quadrant for the third consecutive year. This is an outcome of sheer hard work and dedication to employee experience, and listening to the market and our customers. 2023 also saw our debut on the Forrester Wave report as a Strong Performer, and Gartner Peer Insights named us the Customer’s Choice (in Cloud HCM Suites for 1,000+ Employee Enterprises). This is wonderful validation of our vision, and fuel for the journey ahead!

    BONUS: Our first rap music video!

    ms teams rap video

    If you made it this far, let us finish by recalling that we released our very own rap video—certainly a first for us! Written and produced in-house, it extolls the benefits of Darwinbox's integration with MS Teams. Go on and have a gander, it's a lot of fun!


    And that’s a wrap! There’s 8 reasons that made 2023 the Year of New Territory—not just at Darwinbox, but in the world as well. What great adventures await us in these new lands in the year to come? Even ChatGPT wouldn’t be able to tell, nor DALL-E paint a picture vivid enough. Because we’ll all be making it together. Onwards and upwards!

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