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    Transform Your Recruitment Operations With Technology

    July 18, 2021

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    Josh Bersin, a global industry analyst, rightly said, “Developing an agile, modern, integrated recruiting technology stack is now a top criterion for success.” 

    Advancements in technology help in the recruitment of the right employees and get your job done faster. One needs to stay up-to-date with techniques that can help improve your recruitment operations is a necessary constraint. Technology can reduce the burden on HR professionals, from handling employee payrolls and talent acquisition to performance management. 

    Recruitment operations are functions that focus on work processes, talent acquisition, logistics, onboarding, and offer processing. Several departments must come together to ensure overall business productivity and that you select the right talent for a particular job. The effectiveness of recruitment operations depends on clear communication to aspiring candidates.  

    Technology and data are changing recruitment for companies and applicants alike. Let's dive into how technology can do wonders for your recruitment operations.


    How to improve recruitment operations with technology?

    • Use Applicant Tracking System 

    Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a remarkable tool for recruiters. It removes the manual labour and cost of tracking applicants, allowing recruiters to make quicker decisions. Recruiters can compare candidate data openly and narrow down on the channels providing the best candidates. Organisations can simplify their recruitment operations, set reasonable hiring goals and remove redundancy. 


    • Impact of artificial intelligence 

    Artificial intelligence can play an essential role in the recruitment operations of most organisations. LinkedIn studies found that 76% of hiring managers believe AI to be necessary. It has simplified day-to-day tasks and allows them to focus on tasks that require their complete attention. The most crucial step in the recruitment process is attracting and sourcing candidates. The power of artificial intelligence helps you screen A-level candidates with no bias. The algorithms can also help you identify potential passive candidates that would be a good fit to pursue them actively.

    A new term, called talent rediscovery, helps source candidates both internally and externally by screening existing candidate profiles on the ATS. It helps remove human discrimination and focuses solely on experience, qualification, and skills. 

    Studies reveal AI chatbots save 75% of a recruiter’s time. AI chatbots are a new technological trend being used by several organisations. They answer questions and arrange interviews, allowing recruiters more time to focus on the emotional and communicative aspects. It is imperative as it ensures employee productivity and satisfaction. AI frees employees of other tasks and allows them to be more empathetic and focus on creativity. It will enable teams to connect and collaborate, increasing their satisfaction levels. 

    Apart from providing benefits to an organisation, it also benefits you if you are a potential candidate. Wondering how? AI tells you if you are suitable for the job, making the job application process simple. 


    • Use of different media platforms 

    Organisations can post ads on social media about job openings and reach a larger audience. Many recruiters from top organisations track candidates on social media to get a better idea of their knowledge about the industry and how passionate they are about the job. 

    It is known that candidates build a personal brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, etc. Recruiters can keep a close eye on these platforms. Selecting the right candidate for the job, who interacts with industry peers and colleagues, is the best option for recruiters. 

    • Solve compliance issues 

    There are various compliance issues regarding employees. Laws and regulations can change overnight. Hence, it is essential for recruiters to always stay up-to-date with the law. It will help them protect themselves and their employees. 

    Recruiting software can help monitor and solve compliance issues. With advanced reporting features, it allows recruiters to be compliant at all times. Gathering reports, statistics, and analytics in no time gives recruiters a chance to stay ahead of legal issues. These tools also provide them with an insight into the organisations’ compliance procedures and an understanding of various laws like welfare laws, anti-discrimination laws, immigration laws, and more. Recruiters can enhance their operations by identifying problems in the recruitment process. Comparing compliance reports will help them act better and improve their workflow processes

    The other ways organisations can use technology to improve their recruitment operations are: 

    • Video interviewing helps recruiters save time and removes the need to arrange for face-to-face conversations. The pre-recording feature allows other stakeholders to participate even when the recruiter is not available. 
    • Companies can use technology to become more strategic with their recruitment operations. The plans formulated using technology and careful implementation of the same will give the company a strategic edge. 
    • Companies can also create online tests for candidates they wish to recruit. It allows them to streamline their recruitment processes and operations. 


    Technology has become a way of life. However, humans and technology should work cohesively in various industries. Using technology to improve your recruitment operations does not eliminate the flaws. Just as a coin has two sides, technology can reject potential candidates, while human hiring involves bias. Technology cannot make key decisions think creatively like humans. Technology can miss out on details visible to the human eye causing a loss to the company. The technology works on set parameters that may not assess the candidate fully. Hence, they must come to a common ground. The way forward is to combine data reports and human expertise to improve recruitment operations. 

    Darwinbox is a new-age hire-to-retire HCM solution that allows your organisation to leverage its true potential. Their enterprise recruitment management software makes your entire hiring process efficient and intelligent. It helps remove the hassle of excessive paperwork while recruiting suitable candidates. Contact us to know more and use our technology to witness a long-lasting change. 

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