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    No one gets lost in this Wonderland: Launching Universal Search on Darwinbox

    November 27, 2020

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    Gowthami Kanumuru
    Written By
    Gowthami Kanumuru

    When the possibilities are endless, it is unfair if one is unable to make the most of it, just because one couldn’t find it.

    Have you ever felt directionally challenged? Or the excitement to explore the new place drain out after all the wrong routes you took to reach there? I, for one, always drive to the instructions from the Google maps lady (ever wondered why all AI assistants are female? Read). And, when tasked with finding the new store in every one of the country’s so-called largest malls without google nav, I dread the plans by the time I brisk-walk 2 floors to discover it was at the second turn on the previous floor.

    The excitement and experience of what we get at the end is hugely influenced by how easily we can get there. Now we thought the same way about our technology. The one-stop shop that offers everything you need to be great at work and to build a great workplace.

    When the possibilities of the platform are endless, it is unfair if one is unable to make the most of it, just because one didn’t know how to find it.

    That’s exactly why our favourite product update from this month’s release is the new and powerful universal search that gets you the answers and takes you to your desired action without the need for navigation. Even better, it finds the right help for you from a growing repository of 110+ videos and product documentation on Ask Darwin. All of it, with just a simple search.

    Here’s what this new update means for your enterprise HR Tech Experience:

    1. Query for Information:

    As an employee, fetch your CTC break-down details or land on the holiday calendar, or look-up a peer from a different department with a simple search. Forget the trouble of 4 clicks to check the status of your reward points and rather just type “Rewards Statement” to see the options.

    The cheat code to make the most of this new feature is to start your query with a “view …….” and your problem is solved, already.


    2. Navigate to the Action:

    Today, HR process digitalisation is acknowledged as key to business agility. For which, the technology should also let the employee and the HR power user conduct the processes (such as approving day to day requests) or engage in talent critical actions (like confirming an employee or sharing instant feedback) faster with minimal effort. It is not just agility that one gets to take away from simplified navigation to critical actions. It also boosts participation from employees, managers, leaders and HRs in actions that matter.

    By the way, how do you evaluate if your HRMS is designed to drive user adoption? Here’s an HRMS evaluation RFP template that includes a checklist of usability features that are a must-have.


    Some of the action based queries that should be on your hotlist:

    1. Recognise a colleague or give feedback
    2. Approve pending requests (choose from request types like leaves, attendance, reimbursement and even goal plan approval)
    3. Complete goal setting (or) Self-review
    4. Apply for leave, reimbursement (or) IJP
    5. and so much more…..



    Universal search also simplifies the navigation to some of the most complex HR admin actions as well. Like updating the workflows, bulk upload employee data and many more.


    3. Find the Right Help:

    Universal search capabilities are extended from just finding where to do an action to how to go about doing it; something that is not available on other HRMS platforms till date. You can search and land on the right help from a repository of 110+ videos and searchable product documentation on Ask Darwin.

    Ask Darwin is an exclusive portal for HR teams of Darwinbox customers to explore help videos, raise tickets for swift resolution and a ton of searchable help content that makes you the product expert overnight. Know what’s possible on Ask Darwin.


    While searches eases the navigation on web app

    Darwinbox HR tech experience increases

    multi-fold on the mobile with our

    voice-first bot, that turns queries into a conversation.

    Explore more>>

    voice-botHello Darwin... When is my next Holiday ?

    Get ready to uncomplicate HR Technology and shift gears swiftly in an ever-evolving world of work.
    If you wish to know more about how Darwinbox can solve for your HR digitisation needs, just hit “Go” on the search query below.

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