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    Zero to One

    January 5, 2022

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    Anirudh Daral
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    Anirudh Daral

    Life is a journey full of roads leading to opportunities; some of them unexpected and amazing. More than 4 years ago, by sheer stroke of luck, I set off on one such journey when I joined the firm as its first Business Analyst. Looking back, I marvel at how far the org, and my journey within it, have come. From 1 office (<70 folks) to 11 offices globally (700+ Darwinians); from small terrace parties to beautiful off-sites in the hills; and from being a SaaS underdog to being the next big thing in enterprise tech. 📖🚀

    I have been lucky to have donned on multiple hats and worked with all the teams across multiple countries. One thing that stands out in all those experiences is the bunch of incredible PEOPLE that I got to work with. They taught me to push limits, stay humble, be helpful, and remain curious. I found some great mentors and made life-long friends here. 🤝🏻🙂

    The fact that a 20-something like me was entrusted to do anything and everything - from setting up processes and systems, to building new products, supporting fund-raising, building teams, and launching new markets - underlines our strong belief in investing in people and giving them avenues to grow. I had to learn almost everything that I did while doing it and figure out solutions amid ambiguity. Mistakes were forgiven as learnings. Wonderful colleagues and mentors made it all easier. With benefit of hindsight, I am certain, now more than ever there are loads and loads of OPPORTUNITIES to grab. Anyone can give it their best, be a "founder-without-title", and see more doors open for them than they would anticipate. 🌱📈

    The last few years have been a zero-to-one journey for me. I feel grateful for it, and look forward to writing many more stories while taking Darwinbox from zero-to-one in new markets globally. 💡🌎


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