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    A Fresh Start Away From A World Of Monotony

    January 19, 2018

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    A fresh start away from a world of monotony

    It's been a month since my transition from working in a multinational company (for over 6 years) to working in a startup - I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities it holds. The idea behind this move was to be a part of something new and help shape it into something bigger - in the month so far I can already envision myself contributing to this change! As it is an evolving organization, it gives you the space to discover your interests/abilities and opens you up to a lot of possibilities to grow.  There is a big difference between an MNC and a startup. In terms of overall work attitude, from being laid-back and let the organization try to mold you into being ordinary, to being proactive and letting yourself mold the organization into being exceptional! Just that the positivity brings in a great agility to everything you do. It is awesome to be a part of a young organization, have thought-provoking conversations, contribute to generating new ideas, and get opportunities to excel in your craft. I can't wait to see my ideas materialize and see the impact they create.

    Having said that, it’s all great to be wide-eyed and determined about making an impact – but in the morning, when the alarm rings 3 hours earlier than usual – you will wake up with the thought “What have I done ?”. I am used to a very laid-back cycle, chill, sleep late and wake up even later, which is a complete contrast to what is expected of me now ;)

    The work I have done so far in Darwinbox is more than what I would’ve done in the first 2 months in a multinational company – while that’s awesome I think it’s safe to say that my body is in shock (physically and mentally) and needs a shot of tequila and a whole weekend of sleep to recuperate! :D

    That brings me to the culture at Darwinbox which helps us keep up with so much happening around us. The week I joined, we were 9 new joiners who were introduced through an Intro Routine followed by the company. 70 odd team members gathered to welcome us by knowing more than just the role we occupy; It made me a part of the team instantly as I went on to share my interests, hobbies and everything that makes me who I am.

    In all, the month has been the most fitting start to an exciting journey ahead and I look forward to making my contribution towards transforming HR technology for better!

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