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    Incubating The Future - Empowering And Celebrating Leaders of Tomorrow

    March 11, 2019

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    Incubating The Future - Empowering And Celebrating Leaders of Tomorrow

    If your inbox was buzzing with women empowerment a week ago but then almost nothing after that, here’s a reviver to tune you back to International Women’s Day and all that it meant for us at Darwinbox.

    On IWD 2019 data about widely prevalent disparities and unmet diversity targets resurfaced, albeit with a reinforced focus on improving the gender balance for better. To start with a snapshot of where we stand today, 48.5% of India’s population is female but women only constitute about 28% of the workforce. And when it comes to senior leadership women have a mere 12% representation and that in a way sets the stage for these numbers to always remain the same. The idea is simple - the lesser their voices at the table where decisions happen, more is the probability that these decisions won’t be favorable for them.

    While women’s day for the world was about filling the gap, for us it was about celebrating the girl power we host and nurture. We take immense pride in being an organization that stands way above the average diversity ratio. 38% of employees at Darwinbox are female. Out of them, 87% are under the age of 30. As an organization that stands for evolution and betterment, we shoulder the responsibility of nurturing these women into leaders of tomorrow. Thus, for us, this Women’s Day meant women empowerment in every single aspect of the word.

    Team Darwinbox is more than delighted to share with you a small yet significant initiative we took for the same.

    This IWD2019, we held something that addressed the basics. We organized a self-defense session for all women employees at Darwinbox. Primarily because when an individual is capable of protecting themselves, it manifests itself into other traits like assertiveness and confidence - which together lay a solid foundation for nurturing leaders of tomorrow. And given the quantum of young women who work with us, all of this is also the extra check to ensure that none of them are as vulnerable to attacks or trauma that can impair both their personal and professional lives.

    But the success of the workshop was mainly because of the amazing women at Darwinbox, who gave their best throughout the session to take in all the learning. Here are some pictures in honor of their zeal and spirit.

    women's day

    international women's day

    Some learnings from the session:

    1) Always hold your head high and maintain a straight shoulder-line.
    2) Train yourself for situational awareness. Look up cooper color codes.
    3) Do not be emotional or indulge in panic at the spot.
    4) Most importantly, the ultimate victory of self-defense is in escaping the fight, so hit & run.

    With such a unique initiative marking the celebration of Women’s Day we pledge to stay focused on our promise to be a workplace that offers equal opportunities, avoid gender biases and nurture a healthy ratio of women into leadership roles. The idea is not just to get the best talent onboard but to nurture them in a way that allows for holistic well-being and development. So, if you are an ambitious, talented woman looking for a job that focuses on your all-around growth, we have a chair at the right table, saved for you :)

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