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    101 Fun Back to the Office Employee Engagement Activities

    August 23, 2022

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    101 Fun Employee Engagement Activities

    As employees go back to the office after more than two years, many organizations are doubling down on employee engagement. This article lists 101 fun employee engagement activities to try out in upcoming months. It also shares inspiring ideas from top employers such as TCS, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Google, and PwC.  

    Employee engagement is an essential driver for productivity, optimal business outcomes, and workforce well-being. Particularly when undergoing an organizational change, like switching from remote to in-office work, paying attention to optimizing engagement is extremely important.  

    Currently, Gallup finds that 21% of workers are engaged and 33% are thriving in terms of well-being. Employers can take their return to the office initiatives as an opportunity to reconnect with the less engaged cohorts of the workforce and bring them “back into the fold.” There are numerous fun employee engagement activities you can try in the office or even via remote and hybrid channels, to foster positive energy in employees.


    Going Back to the Office After Covid 

    A Return to Office (RTO) plan is part of most organizations’ roadmap for 2022 and 2023. This is also important for employee engagement; for example, 75% of Indian employees want to return to the office. While numbers may differ from one region to another, it is likely that your workforce will want a flexible mix of remote, hybrid, and in-office workflows to help them reach maximum productivity in the next few months.  

    Are you ready to engage them and unlock their full potential? As you return to the office, here are the 101 fun employee engagement activities to try out.

     A. 15 Fun Activities for Employee Engagement After You Are Back to the Office

    Returning to the office can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, 75% of remote workers experience stress and burnout and the in-person engagement of a physical workplace can alleviate this to an extent. On the other hand, 41% of workers who have returned to the office are feeling additional stress. To address this, companies need to formulate employee engagement activities to make the transition as easy as possible.  

    1. Summer office retreat

    Office retreats are a fun idea for large companies – as it provides employees with the opportunity to deeply connect with their co-workers, and also get to know the organization better. It also offers a change from the usual home and office-based work environments, with a chance to travel.  

    2. Sporting events

    In this fun employee engagement activity, you divide the workforce into teams based on their departments or business units. The HR team can organize a tournament centered on the favorite sport of your region, be it soccer, cricket, basketball, or anything else.  

    3. Yoga Day after you return to the office

    Bad posture, long hours in one room, and less-than-suitable seating conditions are common problems faced by employees during remote work. So, when they return to the office, you can organize a fun yoga day or session. Not only will this be a refreshing change, but it will also inspire employees to engage in healthy exercise through easy workout sessions.  

    4. Escape room games

    Escape rooms are an elaborate employee engagement idea, where employees enter a locked room in groups. They must work together to solve the mystery inside the room and make their way out. Apart from physical escape rooms in your region, there are virtual escape rooms to explore via online event platforms. Escape rooms can provide a thrill and sense of achievement at escaping and also foster teamwork.  

    5. Murder mystery dinner

    A murder mystery dinner takes advantage of your return to the office with employees gathered in a single space. A crime is then simulated in that space, and employees must work together to solve the whodunit. You can purchase ready-to-use game simulations, complete with characters and kits.  

    6. Day of hobbies

    On the day of hobbies, employees are invited to discuss their favorite pastimes and showcase any achievements, such as artwork or a trophy. Once employees return to the office, they can set up mini kiosks at their desks displaying their hobbies, and speak about why they enjoy the activity. This idea shows employees that a company views them as a holistic individual and not just a worker.  

    7. Local food truck day

    This simple yet fun employee engagement activity makes full use of the fact that employees are back to the office. You can partner with your local F&B providers and explore if there are any food trucks willing to cater an office lunch.  

    8. Microwave cookie contest

    This fun employee engagement activity requires very little investment but provides employees a chance to share their creativity, culinary prowess, and playfulness. Office workers can prepare the dough and other elements at home and use microwaves in the pantry to prepare the final cookies. This also promotes fairness and inclusivity in the workplace since everyone is on a level playing field.  

    9. In-office mindfulness session

    A mindfulness session invites individuals to reflect on their day, stay cognizant of their surroundings, and achieve greater focus by minimizing distractions and anxiety. In-office mindfulness sessions are a good way to ease employees into the hustle and bustle of an office-based workplace.  

    10. Working with an ergonomic consultant 

    An ergonomic consultant is a certified professional who assesses and redesigns the workplace for maximum physical comfort and productivity. With employees returning to the office after so many months at home, workplace ergonomics needs particular attention. This engagement idea can make people more interested in coming to work, especially if there is collaboration and co-creation involved.  

    11. In-office animal therapy 

    This is a fun employee engagement activity, where employees spend some time in the calming presence of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. There are several organizations that can aid in this, such as Fur Ball Story in India, and Pet Partners in the US.  

    12. Feedback submission box

    This old-school employee engagement activity has not gone out of style! It comprises a physical box where employees can submit their ideas and feedback anonymously. A manager or someone from the HR department can read out the submissions once a week and implement the best ones.  

    13. Campfire story Thursday

    Campfire stories are a great way to bond with one’s co-workers. In an office setting, it can provide a nice change from work and help develop an employee’s storytelling capabilities. You can make this activity even more fun by turning off the lights and playing ambient music, making the office a truly cool place to work.  

    14. Awards night with playful themes 

    This is a playful and slightly silly take on a corporate awards night. You can design and distribute fun awards with titles like “the office prankster”, “walking encyclopedia award”, the “spammie award for forwarding the most emails”, etc. Hybrid workers can join in via video calls.  

    15. “This or That” tipping jar contest

    An interesting take on the tipping jar, this interesting employee engagement idea asks office workers to vote for one idea or the other by placing a coin in a jar. This could range from “the beach or the hills” to “cricket or football.” After counting the collections and announcing the winner the final sum is donated to charity.

    B. 5 Engagement Activities and Ideas for Hybrid Employees

    As part of an RTO plan, there will be three types of employees in the transition phase – those who are still working remotely, those who switch between office and home environments in a hybrid manner, and those who have returned to the office full-time. Let us discuss a few engagement activities for that second group in detail.  

    16. Office employee introductions

    It is a good idea to hold a short introductory session where everyone can get to know each other, whether in the office, at home, or working on-site. This is particularly applicable for distributed teams where team members are seated in different locations. Once employees go back to the office, this activity ensures that they are familiar with their co-workers.  

    17. Workplace trivia

    Trivia is a fun employment engagement activity that’s well suited to hybrid work. Office workers can join trivia sessions from the conferencing room, so that their remote co-workers can log in through an online platform. Workplace trivia can cover a variety of themes, ranging from pop culture to product knowledge.  

    18. Hybrid scavenger hunt

    A scavenger hunt entails the participants gathering various objects as per a predetermined list; the winner is decided based on the number of objects gathered and points obtained. You can try to create a list of objects that can be found in the office as well as a person’s home environment so that the entire hybrid workforce can participate.  

    19. Ideas workshops

    Ideas workshops are brainstorming sessions where every employee (remote or in-office) is invited to share their ideas in an open forum. There are many ways to go about this, from group mind mapping to using a simple pen and notepad.  

    20. Slack/Teams wall instead of in-office wall

    Your company may have a whiteboard or an office wall that showcases employee achievements and highlights. Why not replace this with a Slack or Teams channel that acts as a virtual wall of notes and announcements? You can also explore dedicated tools like walls.io.  

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     C. 10 Fun Employee Engagement Activities for Remote Workers

    Even as employees go back to the office, chances are that 100% of your workforce will not be working out of the office full-time. Research suggests that 64% of employees could consider quitting if asked to return to the office full-time – which means that remote work will continue to be prevalent. To engage remote workers, you can try these fun engagement activities:  

    21. Video call icebreaker

    A video call icebreaker is a short question or game played at the beginning of a video conferencing call. It allows meeting participants to get to know each other better and alleviate any awkwardness that anyone may feel. The icebreaker can be a poll to check on employee sentiment, or a quick introduction to everyone involved.  

    22. Online hang-out with the founder

    This is a popular employee engagement idea as it allows remote workers to connect with their senior leadership, whom they may not see every day. Once a month, you can schedule an online hangout session between employees and the company’s founder – even better if it’s on a one-on-one basis.  

    23. Home tour on mobile video calls

    Remote working gives us the unique opportunity to get to know our co-workers’ home environments a little better. Employees can attend video calls from their mobile device and then give meeting participants a tour of their homes.  

    24. Weekly show-and-tell

    A virtual show-and-tell session recreates the impromptu conversations we have in a typical office environment. Employees choose something from their home, workspace, or their weekly schedule to discuss with others. The visual element helps keep participants involved and also aids in team building 

    25. Virtual office party

    For employees who are yet to go back to the office, virtual parties are a great way to keep them engaged. Modern video conferencing tools let you design highly sophisticated experiences with breakout rooms, webinar sessions, embedded Q&A sessions, emoji reactions, and much more.  

    26. Virtual coffee break

    A virtual coffee break is a fun employee engagement activity for those in a remote setting. It works just like a real coffee break, but co-workers join in via a video conferencing app. The meeting host can encourage employees to show off their favorite coffee brands, the type of coffee they like, mood changes that prompt them to drink a cup of coffee and more.  

    27. Friday Happy Hours

    Friday Happy Hours is a fun employee engagement activity as it allows workers to let their hair down and engage with each other in an informal manner. Interesting backgrounds – such as a beach setting or the outdoors – can make these happy hour sessions even more engaging.  

    28. Home-delivered gift baskets

    Gift baskets always bring delight, and having them home delivered shows employees that the company really cares about them. This is a suitable initiative to celebrate work anniversaries and milestones, exceptional achievements, or company announcements.  

    29. Conferencing call Bingo

    There are several ways to play conferencing call Bingo, from using facts and figures about the company to designing the game around common conferencing words and phrases. This employee engagement activity is ideal for large teams and groups, with plenty of online templates to help.  

    30. Complimentary lunch

    Finally, to keep remote workers engaged as the company goes back to the office after COVID, you can provide them with a complimentary lunch – either home delivered or in the form of gift vouchers. Apart from engagement, it also ensures that employees partake in a healthy meal and feel seen and looked after.  

     D. 10 Fun Activities for New Employee Engagement

    Several companies hired fresh talent and conducted virtual onboarding during the pandemic. Now it is time to “bring them into the fold” through office engagement activities.  

    31. Random pairing coffee breaks 

    In a random pairing activity, a new employee is paired with a different co-worker every week in a random manner. They must then schedule an in-person or virtual coffee break to learn more about each other, the organization, and its culture.  

    32. In-office treasure hunt 

    A treasure hunt is slightly different from a scavenger hunt, in that there is only one item to be collected. You can design an elaborate experience that takes a new employee across the office space, has them interact with different departments, and helps them know the different office amenities before they can find the “treasure.”  

    33. Social recognition shoutout

    A social shoutout is a simple, low-cost employee engagement activity that anyone can implement without complex approvals. When a new employee is onboarded, simply give them a shout-out on your preferred channel, which could be the company intranet, collaboration platform, or social media.  

    34. Bucket list quiz 

    This quiz lists all the items one typically has on a bucket list, and then asks employees about which of the items they have already accomplished. New employees can share their life experiences without any awkwardness and also get to know a little more about their teammates.  

    35. Virtual social shuffle 

    A social shuffle is an organization-wide event where different rooms and kiosks are set up for social activities, organizational themes, etc. You can create either a physical or a virtual shuffle activity for new employees by transferring the different kiosks to breakout rooms on a video conferencing platform. Employees can move between these rooms and learn more about the company.  

    36. Coffee field trip

    This fun employment engagement activity asks the manager or team leader to take the team out for coffee at a nearby cafe or restaurant. Going back to the office after COVID is not just about the office space, but also about its surrounding environment. This activity makes the transition a little easier.  

    37. “Baby Who” guessing game

    A manager or someone from the HR department can collect employees’ baby pictures and put them up in a shared space. Employees must then guess who’s who, which gives new employees an opportunity to learn everyone’s names, faces, and even interesting anecdotes from their childhood.   

    38. Show off your refrigerator

    In certain scenarios, the new employee will not be able to return to the office right away and must continue working remotely for a while. This activity asks them to share snapshots of their refrigerator door – complete with magnets, kids’ drawings, notes, etc. – to provide a glimpse into their personality.    

    39. New employee care package

    This has become a staple for most companies. A new employee care package can include company swag to strengthen your employer branding as well as self-care items. You can also include personalized notes, such as break reminders, signed by the CEO.  

    40. Vogue-style 73 questions 

    Vogue’s 73 questions format has become an incredibly popular way to establish a deeper connection in a short period of time. You can record a new employee answering a variety of questions, from their food preferences to their life goals, in front of a green screen. Share the final video (with an interesting format) with the entire team when introducing the employee.  

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    E. 10 Fun Activity Ideas for Disengaged Employees

    The last two years have been extremely difficult for employees worldwide, with 60% feeling emotionally detached from their jobs as per a World Economic Forum survey. That is why you need targeted employee engagement activities for disengaged employees as they return to the office.  

    41. Regular “employee of the week” program

    When dealing with disengaged employees, a typical “employee of the month” program may no longer be sufficient. Instead, consider switching to a regularized “employee of the week” program so everyone gets a chance to be recognized and no achievement is overlooked.  

    42. “Boss of the” day for daily standups

    This exciting employee engagement activity empowers disengaged employees and gives them the autonomy to make decisions. It also encourages empathy between the team and its leadership, by asking team members to take turns when leading the daily standup. 

    43. TGIF meetings 

    Quite a bit of the disengagement in the workplace can be attributed to excessive workloads, complex processes, and long hours. That is why it is important to celebrate the little things, such as welcoming the weekend. You can schedule short TGIF meetings where employees discuss their weekend plans, discuss non-work matters, and build relationships.  

    44. Regular team dinners and lunches

    Regular team dinners or lunches (on the company’s dime) are an effective way to reward employees for a job well done. It also allows disengaged employees to make memories with their teammates, keeping them involved with the workplace.  

    45. In-office cook-off 

    A cook-off is a fun employee engagement activity that lets even the most disengaged worker participate in something unrelated to work. Its gamification principles motivate employees and encourage a sense of identification with team members.  

    46. The “Who am I?” game

    The “Who am I?” game typically uses celebrity names, but it is a good fit for the office as well. Employees’ names are written on post-its and put into a bowl. One player pulls out a name at random and sticks it on their forehead. Other employees then start describing the person named, without actually naming them, and the player must guess which employee’s name they pulled out.  

    47. Embrace your city

    In this simple employee engagement activity, the team behaves like a group of tourists and goes out together to explore a notable place of interest in the city. When going back to the office after COVID, this allows disengaged employees to get reacquainted with their city’s many facets, puts a smile on their faces.  

    48. Monday morning trivia

    To make Mondays a little more interesting for disengaged workers, you can send out a morning notification containing a trivia question. Employees can share their responses across the day, and the final answer is revealed on Monday evening.  

    49. Twice a week “thank you” hour

    During thank you hours, employees express their gratitude towards co-workers for small gestures and acts of kindness. This lets potentially disengaged employees know that their efforts are noticed and valued.  

    50. Quarterly four-day work week

    Shorter workweeks are increasingly popular, with the UAE recently moving to a 4.5-day work week. You can institute a quarterly system where employees enjoy a long weekend every three months, giving disengaged employees nearing burnout a chance to replenish themselves.  

    F. 10 Fun Employee Engagement Activities to Aid in Learning

    Fun activities at the office can also aid in learning and improve work outcomes. Research suggests that exposure to learning opportunities can improve engagement by as much as 262%. Here are a few activities that combine the two:  

    51. Lunch and learn events

    In a lunch and learn event, the organization works with an industry expert to arrange a learning session during the office lunch hour. Employees from different teams can network, enjoy a hearty meal, and attend an expert discussion on topics relevant to the company.  

    52. One-month mentorship

    You can implement a one-month mentorship activity where an employee is paired with a senior member of the organization. This also gives the employee a reliable support system who can help navigate any issues they face when going back to the office after COVID.  

    53. Office buddy program

    An office buddy program works best when implemented for new hires. It forges informal workplace relationships and familiarizes the employee with the ins and outs of office culture. The “buddy” employee also has a chance to develop their own coaching skills 

    54. Themed days 

    In this fun employee engagement activity, specific days are assigned different learning themes, with lectures, discussions, etc. You can customize the theme as per your company – for example, DevOps Day for a tech startup, or Reverse Logistics Day for ecommerce.  

    55. Monthly half-day for self-paced learning 

    In the last few years, many employees have adopted self-paced learning to upskill at their convenience. Even after returning to the office, you can help continue the practice through this exercise. Employees will appreciate the time off and the company benefits from better skilled workers.  

    56. In-office VR kiosks

    Some skills – such as learning about a new product design – are best acquired through virtual reality (VR). To aid learning and employee engagement, an interesting exercise would be to set up a VR kiosk. Employees can put on a headset and browse through immersive content to accelerate learning.  

    57. Learning clubs

    Learning clubs comprise designated employee groups that regularly meet to discuss a specific topic. This is an ongoing engagement initiative and new hires can join a club of their choice right after onboarding.  

    58. “A day in the life….” activities

    In this fun employee engagement activity, employees from one team or department swap their work-life with someone else for a day. This aids in cross-skilling, builds empathy, and encourages employees to find new areas of interest.  

    59. A distracted jar instead of a swear jar 

    Unlike a swear jar, employees are not penalized for being distracted. Instead, the jar contains a variety of quotes, self-reminders, and inspiring ideas to bring employees back on track. Whenever an office employee feels distracted, they can dip into the jar for a fun or inspiring idea.  

    60. Monthly Q&A with senior leaders 

    Monthly Q&A sessions can go a long way in engaging the workforce, especially in large organizations. It makes sure that the senior leadership and on-ground teams are on the same page. It also provides a channel for two-way feedback, which strengthens organizational culture.   

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    G. 10 Low-Cost Employee Engagement Activities

    While employee engagement is crucial for organizations of all sizes, not every activity will be within the ambit of businesses on a limited budget. For example, while retreats are among the top fun activities when going back to the office after COVID, it is relatively expensive. That is why you need low-cost employee engagement ideas that can effectively strengthen workplace relationships and build engagement without “breaking the bank.”  

    61. Showcase employees on social media

    Nearly every company has a social media presence, and this is a great opportunity to showcase employee capabilities and their diverse backgrounds. You can conduct a month-long initiative, highlighting different employees, presenting their work, and sharing their experiences in their own words.  

    62. Personal project day

    Personal project day is similar to hobbies day – the only difference is that the focus is on one employee. Once a month, you can organize an activity where a designated team member shares their personal project or even a side hustle with co-workers.  

    63. Monthly potluck

    During a potluck event, employees bring various food items to share with the team. You can encourage workers to bring dishes unique to their culture and ethnicity so employees can better appreciate the diversity of the workplace.  

    64. Family meet and greet

    This fun employee engagement activity involves employees as well as their families. When returning to the office after WFH, it is natural that employees (especially parents) will miss their family members. This is a low-cost way to ease the transition and build a sense of belonging.  

    65. Casual Friday

    Casual Friday is among the most tried-and-tested fun activities in the book. While a purely formal dress code is rarely the norm these days, most workplaces still insist on smart casuals. A Casual Friday event can encourage employees to express themselves through their aesthetic style at little to no cost.  

    66. Happiness check-ins

    With stress and burnout extremely prevalent in the modern workforce, happiness check-ins are essential for employee wellbeing and engagement. Managers can check in in-person, or you can schedule a weekly/monthly check-in through a virtual platform. Make sure to act on the feedback collected.  

    67. Desk decoration contest

    As employees return to the office, the desk is where they spend most of their time. You can turn this into a fun employee engagement activity by organizing a desk decoration contest – which not only creates healthy competition, but also inspires creativity.  

    68. Write your own job description

    This employee engagement idea asks a person to write the perfect job description if they were to hire for their own role. Co-workers can then judge how accurate the description is, and you can encourage them to make the write-ups more humorous, playful, or tongue-in-cheek. This acts to open everyone’s eyes to the many facets of their role, which leads to more engagement and appreciation.  

    69. Office lip sync battle

    Gaming shows and late-night television have made lip sync battles a global phenomenon. You can implement this fun employee engagement activity for both office and hybrid workers. Employees simply need to lip sync to their favorite tune, and co-workers choose the winner.  

    70. “Let's Compliment” sessions

    In a “Let’s Compliment” session, one employee is selected every week, and their team members must write anonymous compliments and submit them ahead of time. You can read out the submissions at the end of the week, which is bound to make the employee feel appreciated.  

    H. 10 Employee Engagement Activities for Team-building

    Another key aspect of employee engagement is how it facilitates teamwork and strengthens interpersonal ties within employee groups. You can ensure that employees are able to work together effectively and are invested in shared goals with the following activities:  

    71. Two truths and a lie

    This is a fun employee engagement activity that helps team members hone their communication skills. Each person in the group must share three things about themselves, two of which are true and one a lie. Co-workers have to identify which statement is a lie, demonstrating how well they know their team members.  

    72. Lego building with the team

    By working on a Lego building project together, team members discover how they can collaborate with each other to achieve a pre-set target. It also aids in learning about conflict resolution and hones leadership skills 

    73. Exit lunches and parties

    While exit interviews are common, why not hold an exit lunch or farewell party as well? This fun employee engagement activity tells employees that they are a valued member of the team. Those who continue with the company will also have added goodwill toward the organization.  

    74. “Imaginary economy” game

    In the imaginary economy game, the team gets together to create an end-to-end economy from scratch – complete with its own rules, currency, leadership system, etc. It encourages employees to get creative while also working within the boundaries of a simulated set of rules.  

    75. The common thread contest

    This employee engagement activity is ideal for when a large number of teams return to the office. All the teams are tasked with finding a common thread (i.e., something that all the team members share), and the most compelling thread wins the contest.  

    76. Team timeline creation

    Organizations that are five years or older can try out this interesting employee engagement idea. The team must get together, and with the help of the HR department, they have to map out the entire timeline of the team/department/business unit, including all the people who joined and left over the years. This will build a sense of perspective and belonging. 

    77. In-office Human Knot

    Human Knot is an employee engagement game similar to Twister but designed to help build problem-solving skills. Team members stand in a circle and one by one, they join hands with the person opposite to them. They must then twist and pass through each other’s hands to unravel the circle without releasing anyone’s hands even for a moment.  

    78. Map the spectrum of ideas

    A large and diverse team usually contains employees with a wide range of perspectives on contemporary issues. In this activity, the team identifies a topic and documents each person’s opinions on it. The responses are then organized based on how many people share similar ideas, and which ones are outside the box.  

    79. Tell the difference between…

    This fun employee engagement activity tests a team’s observation skills and attention to detail. One team stands in a line, and the other team must observe every detail of their appearance before looking away. The first team then silently makes subtle changes like taking off an earring or swapping watches. The second team must then identify all the differences.  

    80. Mockumentaries

    As an ongoing engagement activity, you can ask team members to record key moments on video. The clips can be stitched into a mockumentary, and team members can create shared memories after going back to the office after COVID. 

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    I. 10 Fun Ideas for Employee Engagement Activities that Support Mental Wellbeing

    Even as we focus on employee engagement and fun activities at the office, it is also necessary to consider long-term mental wellbeing. According to 2022 research, 92% of companies are prioritizing mental health support. The following activities go beyond engaging the workforce and also help to improve employee wellbeing:  

    81. Group volunteering

    Group volunteering activities can range from participating in local challenges to organizing in-house fund-raising events and donating the proceeds. Workers today are always looking for a bigger purpose in their work, and volunteering is a fun employee engagement idea to address this.  

    82. No meeting Wednesdays

    The frequency of meetings and video calls has increased in the last two years, leading to meeting fatigue. So, when returning to the office after COVID, you can schedule one day a week when meetings are mandatorily prohibited. Several companies have adopted this activity (including Facebook), which has been termed Deep Work Wednesdays.  

    83. Office parties for regional holidays

    Office parties are always a fun employee engagement activity, and a regional holiday is a good excuse to bring the entire team together in an informal setting. You can customize the party theme based on the specific regional holiday. However, make sure to not extend the activities beyond the usual workday, which could disrupt employees’ work-life balance. 

    84. Friday song requests

    Research suggests a direct link between music and mental wellbeing. Accepting employee song requests is also an easy way to demonstrate that an organization values employee opinion. Every Friday, a specific employee’s playlist can play in the background, from lunch onwards.  

    85. Mandatory lunch breaks for in-office workers

    A push towards greater productivity has made lunch breaks an infrequent habit among workers, impacting their wellbeing. Indeed, 1 in 5 employees worry that their bosses will think they’re slacking off if they take a lunch break. Mandatory breaks are an easy and effective way to engage workers and ensure their well-being.  

    86. Subsidized fitness sessions

    Like music, regular exercise also has a positive impact on mental health. Employers can subsidize this either through in-house gyms or via co-paid gym memberships.  

    87. Weekly “mood picture” sessions

    In a mood picture session, team members take turns sharing one picture that encapsulates their mood across the week. This fun employee engagement activity has an interesting visual element and can also translate well into an online, virtual experience.  

    88. Paid time off (PTO) awards plan

    Nearly every company has a rewards and recognition program – why not offer PTO days as a reward for workplace achievements? This allows employees the space to introspect and take a mental health day off without the fear of losing pay.  

    89. Mental Health-themed Secret Santa

    As part of this activity, every employee becomes a Secret Santa to a co-worker through a random selection process. They must then gift them an item they feel would be beneficial for their mental health, preferably on a designated Mental Health Day.  

    90. Group coloring sessions

    The mental health benefits of adult coloring books are widely known. You can turn this into a fun employee engagement activity at the office by organizing group coloring sessions. Hybrid workers can join in via Zoom.  

    J. 10 Employee Engagement Activities at Top Companies

    The quality of your employee experience is directly correlated to business success. That is why some of the world’s top companies invest in activities that can engage and enthuse employees, especially after their return to the office. Here are a few inspiring examples.  

    91. Fit4Life marathon by TCS

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is known to invest in employee engagement, with a particular focus on exercise and wellbeing. TCS Fit4Life is the company’s annual 10K marathon, inviting participation from internal teams as well as 300+ other companies to encourage healthy competition.  

    92. Tying employee wellbeing to recognition at Panasonic

    To drive greater participation in its engagement and wellbeing initiatives, Panasonic linked these indices to the overall appraisal process. Employees’ physical fitness, healthy eating habits, mental wellness, etc., are recognized through salary appraisals.  

    93. Next Big Idea online innovation game at PepsiCo

    PepsiCo is another company known for its culture of engagement. It hosts an employee-led innovation game, where they can participate as an “entrepreneur, expert, or investor” for an idea. The top teams are selected by voting, and go on to present their ideas to PepsiCo leadership.  

    94. Career relaunch programs by MG Motor

    When going back to the office after COVID, MG Motor recognized that several employees would rejoin after a career break. The company organizes the “Drive Her Back” campaign to engage with re-joining female professionals across both auto and non-auto sectors.  

    95. Internal talent marketplace at Tech Mahindra

    The lack of growth opportunities is one of the main reasons for disengagement and attrition. To address this, Tech Mahindra has set up an internal talent marketplace called Talex. It uses artificial intelligence to match employees with internal vacancies, and they can even bid for a job using cryptocurrency.  

    96. A mission “Beyond Us” at Airbnb

    Purpose is a major driver of employee behavior which is why Airbnb’s mission is to go “Beyond Us.” its culture emphasizes the need to create a more connected world, which is constantly communicated to employees through its many engagement initiatives.  

    97. MS Green community groups at Microsoft

    Microsoft holds a variety of meaningful and fun employee engagement activities, and MS Green is among its top initiatives. MS Green is a grassroots community group where green teams across the company participate in sustainability work.  

    98. Googler to Googler at Google

    Google to Googler combines employee engagement with peer-based learning. Over 6000 company employees participate in the activity and share what they know with their peers, building relationships and also developing new skills.  

    99. The canine committee at Ben & Jerry’s

    The canine committee at Ben & Jerry’s makes it easier for employees to own a pet. It has a dedicated team of K9-5ers that help out colleagues regarding any issues around pet ownership, maintenance, and caregiving issues. This employee engagement activity also drives well-being through pet therapy.  

    100. PowerUp! Mobile trivia at PwC

    PowerUp! is among the most memorable and fun employee engagement activities by PwC. it comprises a live, hosted mobile trivia game that takes 10 minutes to complete. Employees could win cash prizes by competing.  

    101. Easy and fun employee engagement activity to get employees excited about returning to the office: Morning huddle with baked goods

    Finally, if you are looking to engage employees right after returning to the office, you cannot go wrong with baked goods. During the morning huddle, it is a good idea to have a variety of sweets and savories (and healthy options) at hand to energize the discussion – and actually get employees excited to start a new day at work.  

    Learn More: Gamification: Playing Your Way To Better Employee Engagement 

    Getting Employees Excited About Going Back to the Office After COVID-19  

    As employees return to the office, after a prolonged period of working from home, employee engagement has to be a top priority for organizations. Deloitte suggests a praise-based approach to feedback, with as much as 5X more positive feedback than criticism. McKinsey indicates that “trusting relationships,” “social cohesion,” and “individual purpose” will be the three main themes defining employee expectations.  

    These measures, in addition to the wide variety of employee engagement activities we listed in this article can help deliver a positive experience from hiring and onboarding to exit.  

    The Darwinbox HR platform can help you massively improve employee engagement. Ask for a demo today!

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